What To Watch: 07/01/2022

It’s that day finally! Today we find out what is the next 1980s classic to return to the Billboard charts. We also get to find out the last chapter of one of the most entrancing, binge-able horror series of the last decade. Throw on some Kate Bush, grab a new Coke, and return to the year 1985 as the crew try to defeat 001.

Stranger Things [Netflix]
In the first part of season 4 the Hawkins gang figured out who Vecna was. Now in the last two feature length episodes it’s up to them to rise to occasion and defeat him. Will “Wuthering Heights” play a role? All i know: if Eddie dies, we riot.

The Terminal List [Amazon Prime]
Yes, between its right-winger magnet plot and is-he-isn’t-he-MAGA A-lister at its center, its easy to dismiss this military shoot-em-up series. However, it does boast a great supporting cast including Constance Wu and Jeanne Tripplehorn and if you turn off your mind it could be a lot of fun. I dont know, I’ll be watching Stranger Things.

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