What To Watch: 06/30/2022

It’s a light drizzle of new content today (good day to binge Rutherford Falls or if you’re not through the first half of the fourth season of Stranger Things), it’s back tomorrow. However, there’s not nothing–especially if you are a fan of offbeat animation with provocative titles.

Bastard!! – Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy [Netflix]
With a name like this, it has to be good, right? Well, it’s not the Stranger Things spin off I was hoping for. What it is, though, is a new anime series on Netflix about a wizard awakening who wants to destroy the world. Netflix is doing all it can to be the nerds’ go to and this show is a good notch in their belt.

Naked Mole Rats Get Dressed: The Underground Rock Experience [HBO Max]
Really it’s just the name that has me recommending this. That said, this kids’ fare does look like a clever fable about tolerance. Our lead character defies tradition by becoming the first clothed naked mole rat. And it’s a rock musical. OK, on further reflection while writing this, it does possess many factors to create a cult legend. 


  • The 1957 war epic Bridge on the River Kwai is pretty low down the list for inspiration for reality competition TV. One could even call it madness, madness! However, that’s essentially the premise for HBO Max’s The Bridge as a group of contestants have to build a bridge over dangerous Asian terrain, in this case for the chance to win 200k buried under a tower on the other side of the river.
  • You’re unlikely to guess the gimmick in the title of the new Food Network Me or the Menu. The reality show features four couples who are trying to open restaurants together. No stress at all there.
  • If you’re reading this, we probably don’t have to tell you that Bruce McCulloch knows sketch comedy. He’s the producer of Tallboyz showcasing the four-person Canadian troupe of the same name. Its third season hits Fuse today.

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