What To Watch: 06/29/2022

That marvelous marshmallow-looking robot nurse returns for a second series of shorts and that’s our top recommendation for this Wednesday night. Otherwise, it’s a great night for African American comedy with a documentary showcase and the return of an underrated sitcom starring the great Wanda Sykes.

Baymax! [Disney+]
The lovable android from Big Hero 6 is back and staring on his own animated series on disney+. The character has always had a cult following so fans should be psyched. He’s big lovable and just what San Fransokyo needs.

Right to Offend: The Black Comedy Revolution [A&E, 9p]
I’d be wary of A&E’s take on this topic, but with Kevin Hart at the hosting helm we should be fine. The first images released showed a young Richard Pryor and a modern day Wayne Brady (maybe they misread the Chappelle Show sketch?) so connecting the dots could be cool.


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