What To Watch: 06/28/2022

Few shows have garnered the scholarly excitement twice like Steve Martin’s enchanting little NYC mystery, so of course as its second season comes begins with a two-episode premiere, it’s all we can think of in our recommending space.

Only Murders in the Building [Hulu]
Our favorite residents of The Arconia are back for season two. The last season left Charles, Oliver and Mabel implicated in the murder of Board President Bunny Folger. Can they solve the murder and clear their names? Will they finally be kicked out of the building for good? Will they learn to stay out of it? For entertainment’s sake I sure hope not!

Only Murders in the Building [Hulu]
Mabel needs to clear her name in the second season of this affable mystery. Even with Charles and Oliver’s help that could take the whole season to do. the mystery deepens, but the laughs are just as frequent.

Only Murders in the Building [Hulu]
With Tina Fey’s Cinda Canning starting her own podcast called “Only Murderers in the Building,” our hearty trio need to get ahead of the chaos so that they don’t wind up charged with Bunny’s murder. Of course that means they’re on to creating a second season of their podcast to solve the latest killing in the Ansonia and clear their names–which in turn means we get another season of this delightful show. 


  • Journalists have long worn a target on their back as they attempt to get the truth out about often powerful people and governments. This scourge took on a new dangerous twist when the last U.S. administration allowed an American journalist to be brutally murdered while the President called the press the “Enemy of the People” and threatened to “open up libel laws.” All this is happening as the legitimacy of news stories becomes harder to divine, eroding the public’s trust in our news sources. It is through this lens that HBO’s latest documentary Endangered is filmed–and that title is not an exaggeration.
  • We’ve set it before, and we’ll say it again, but excellent stand-up Cristela Alonzo’s sitcom was destroyed by its attempt to shoehorn better known comedian Gabriel Iglesias into it as a lecherous supporting character. Alonzo deserved much better and hopefully her latest Netflix special Cristela Alonzo: Middle Classy is a step back towards stardom.
  • Finally, MTV continues bringing back its classics with the latest iteration of its series on children having children with Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.

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