What To Watch: 06/27/2022

Today’s viewing is not bereft of new content, but our scholars decided to take a Monday off from doing the recommending. Above’s image is from the British family legal drama The Split, the third season of which has been streaming for a few days now (on multiple sources even). Today it hits good ol’ fashioned TV on BBC America.

  • If you like Pete Davidson’s whole damn deal, but you are turned off by the stand-up’s genuine talent, might we recommend Machine Gun Kelly? Nah, busting on Kelly has become cliche. If you are a fan of the ever-morphing musician, you’ll probably love Hulu’s Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink.
  • While it’s not strictly a Ken Burns docu-series, Hiding in Plain Sight: Youth Mental Illness is produced by the man, so you know the deep dive into an everpresent tragedy has some cachet. It hits PBS tonight.
  • African American celebrities take classes at HBCUs in College Hill: Celebrity Edition on BET+. On one hand, one of the celebrities is Big Freedia so we love that. However, Trump lover Stacy Dash is also there, so, ewww.

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