What To Watch: 06/26/2022

This Sunday night is highlighted by the returns of two tentpoles–one each from the two pay cable titans. That most confusing program on television returns to HBO for a fourth season while Lena Waithe’s gritty look at the Southside of Chicago is back for a fifth go-around on Showtime. Also, Starz takes a deep dive into a living monster who bafflingly walks around free like Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and Kevin Spacey, all of whom probably were at an Epstein-Maxwell party or flight at one point, surely.

Westworld [HBO, 9p]
if you are confused about what is going on in this show, well.. you are not alone. What i can tell you though is that Delores is going continue her quest for, um, world domination i guess(?). And she’s closer to human than she’s ever been…

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? [Starz, 8p]
There’s little debate that Maxwell–who helped Jeffrey Epstein in his celebrity-flecked plane crimes–is guilty of enough crimes to ensure a jail sentence that would extend into the 3000s, but do any of us truly know who she is and how she got there? Is this the sort of treatment that a classic Eddie Murphy SNL sketch warned us about in 1981. Funnily enough 40+ years later, the person whose media fame the sketch mocked was just released from jail and has become something of a social media celebrity. Sigh, where were me–oh, right, this docu-series could be intriguing.


  • Somewhat hidden (in plain sight) gem The Chi returns for a fifth season of Black love on Showtime. Waithe, the highlight of Master of None, is one of the best writers working today and her panoramic look at the Windy City should not be ignored.
  • With hair bands touring the country, Reelz picked a good time to spend the weekend with two of the biggest and loudest 1980s bands. Motley Crue’s Vince Neil: My Story is follwed by a tribute to those 18 and Lifers Skid Row: Breaking the Band. Ricky was a young boooooy….
  • Hulu chronicles one of Pride Month’s greatest moments. Following a grim day for American rights (gfy Clarence Thomas+4), it’s a good day to celebrate, whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, questioning, intersex, asexual or ally, by immersing in The 2022 NYC Pride March.
  • Ozzy Osbourne’s male progeny is hunting the number one most elusive American fictional(?) creature because why wouldn’t he be. As some kids somewhere surely still say, this is something that may as well happen. Discovery+ is there to track Jack’s progress with Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: Bigfoot.
  • Disney’s Summer Magic Quest is pretty well summed up in its title, including what streaming service it is obviously on. If you’re curious, but not curious enough to click on the link, a bunch of young people are let loose in Epcot Center and given clues to solve a puzzle.
  • Finally, we find ourselves, like we do, at the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex)–that black hole of comfort movie content of a certain type–and an often satisfying one to boot. On Lifetime, a mother and daughter travelling in the remote north unwisely picks up a hitchhiker, only to get menaced–but not by who they picked up–in Ice Road Killer. As often is the case, UP also provides a movie that would fit right in on one of the named networks. In the case of Planning on Forever, it’s on the Hallmark side of the ledger, complete with busy single woman going to sister’s (or friend’s) wedding, meet cute with familiar love interest and soaring background music.

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