What To Watch: 06/24/2022

This last Streaming Friday of June’s new content include content starring comic geniuses ranging from Kevin Hart to Woody Harrelson to Maya Rudolph to the team of John Early and Kate Berlant. Our top rec, however, is a new British thriller. And that’s only the start of one of the most insane nights of new content, including a new Rowan Atkinson goof and the Korean take on a series that was a Spanish sensation.

Chloe [Amazon Prime]
Absorbed by her childhood friend’s social media, and her purported perfect life, a woman fakes an identity and infiltrates her social scene, determined to find out who caused her death, and why. Of course, things go awry, as is the case when you make a new identity and lie about who you are and why you’re hanging around!

The Man From Toronto [Netflix]
Part comedy, part thriller, this star-heavy Netflix original follows an ill-fated man who gets mistaken for the titular Toronto man when they share the same Airbnb. While the plot is nothing new, the star power of Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson should make this a fun watch.

Would It Kill You To Laugh? [Peacock]
When I was very little, I loved one-off comedy specials–the sort Steve Martin would do. Now, this is not to be confused with standup specials. We’re talking about the ones that were half variety show, half sketch, showcasing superstars like Martin and Richard Pryor, featuring guests like





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