What To Watch: 06/21/2022

One of America’s funniest comedians gets his Netflix special as the same streaming service also releases Black Mirror but real and minus (most of) the terror and dystopia. There will still be some. Also, we return to the Motherland.

Joel Kim Booster: Psychosexual [Netflix]
Whatever your definition of “there” is, stand-up Joel Kim Booster most definitely goes there. In his Netflix special (pretty sure his first), he deals with online nudes, newfound celebrity, cat cafes, and many other hilarious topics. 

The Future of… [Netflix]
Netflix–in a rare movie–looks at the happy side of the march of technology and its more rosy possibilities.


  • The fugitives from “justice” are still on the run as we hit the third and final season of the witchy dystopian series Motherland: Fort Salem. It debuts on Freeform tonight and its trailer has a very intriguing version of the 1980 Olivia Newton-John hit “Magic” (a bit on the nose?). While this song may not quite have the cachet of Stranger Things to revive ’80s hits, it’s still a fun listen.
  • It’s Cribs meets… well, pick your choice from the history of home makeover shows, as ’00s rapper Cam’ron meets with the wonderfully named Zeez Louize to help people who want to pimp their houses in Paramount+’s Hip Hop My House.
  • Given some of the conversation around Title IX and sports and who should be allowed to play when and where, it’s not a bad time for ESPN to release 37 Words which takes a deep dive into the history of the matter.

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