What To Watch: 06/20/2022

We spring into Summer today with a light schedule of new programming–partly because it’s our first observation of the U.S.’s brand new holiday, Juneteenth. However, that’s not to say there’s nothing dropping that’s worth checking out.

Birdgirl [HBO Max]
This kooky Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law spinoff gets its deserved second season today–technically it aired on Adult Swim early this morning, but you can watch it at a more reasonable time and leisurely pace today on HBO Max.

Mind Over Murder [HBO, 10p]
The latest reminder of the need for reform of the police, the justice system, and… well, a lot of things comes from this six-part docu-series from Nanfu Wang. A group of five people were charged with a 1985 murder in Nebraska and in 2009–guess what–turned out they were not remotely guilty of it.


  • A vacation with a significant other AND the best friend who said spouse/partner is cheating on you with would seem to be a horror story in itself. That’s the premise of The Holiday and classifying the drama in the thriller realm would not seem to be that off. Jill Halfpenny stars and if you can find the Spectrum channel, you can check it out.
  • The Turkish film Doom of Love–in spite of its name and the fact it takes place on holiday–is very much closer to uplifting side of the romantic flick, um, spectrum. It’s new on Netflix today and involves a divorcee falling in love with a yoga teacher.

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