What To Watch: 06/17/2022

It’s another busy Streaming Friday with new content including big screen stars Chris Helmsworth, Annette Bening, Dakota Johnson, and Emma Thompson (gasp!), not to mention Walter White himself Bryan Cranston. Netflix also slakes the public hunger for Watergate stories (especially those of Martha Mitchell)… now hopefully they remember just how much worse is a certain other event currently being litigated by Congress and another good thing to watch, if you haven’t yet. Democracy almost died and is now on life support.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande [Hulu]
Emma Thompson, streaming? Yes, please. Our beloved heroine stars as a widow yearning for more–and finds it, through the company of a sex worker.

Spiderhead [Netflix]
Mind-altering drugs and state of the art prisons are not a good mix. If you want to see just how bad a mix it can be may I suggest this movie? It’s the stuff of nightmares but with star power like Chris Hemsworth, Jurnee Smolett and Miles Teller it should definitely be worth a watch.

The Martha Mitchell Effect [Netflix]
On the heels of Starz’ terrific Watergate-themed Gaslit in which we saw Julia Roberts play Mitchell, Netflix provides a short film. The doc goes deeper into the fate that befell the wife of the Attorney General and TV personality when she was one of the first whistleblowers of the President’s team’s malfeasance at the iconic DC hotel. I’m hear for yet more angles. 


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