What To Watch: 06/13/2022

The world’s most unlikely tabloid magnet continues to proudly ride the wave of his fame. Many will scoff at Pete Davidson’s success, but he’s one of the few who almost may deserve it. As he says in his newest special about slipping into the good life’s DMs “it’s not like I’ve really done anything wrong.” The rest of the night is in the reality realm–a mix of home makeovers (including a surprising A-lister slumming on HGTV) and gritty, gaudy docs.

Pete Davidson: The Best Friends [Netflix]
The Netflix is a Joke specials keep on coming. Up next is Pete Davidson. On one hand it’s good because it has Big Wet, but it also has Machine Gun Kelly, soooo (I mean isn’t one of his besties John Mulaney?) I am just hoping for a cameo by Marc Cohn for a live version of “Walking In Staten.” Or maybe the Please Don’t Destroy guys and Taylor Swift for a “3 Sad Virgins” reunion.

Digital Addiction [A&E, 10p]
I might have overlooked this as I’m not really a fan of A&E shock docs, but after avoiding Twitter and YouTube suggestions for a day and seeing how much I got done, gotta say it’s a real problem. Not that this network won’t make something overglossy and exploitative, but, hey, you never know. Maybe this series will be great.


  • You’ve got to hand it to Melissa McCarthy: she doesn’t let her fame dictate the size of the projects she gets involved with. She spent many years on a CBS sitcom even as her A-list movie career was in full gear, she’s now put together an HGTV home makeover show with decorator Jenna Perusich. And it’s to help people in need as well as release more kindness into the world. The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich debuts tonight.
  • Making Modern with Brook & Brice on Magnolia (and Discovery+) may not have the same level of starpower, but it looks affable, and if you are a homemaker freak, we’re sure it will pair nicely with the above. It’s second season drops today.
  • With all the other troubles going on around the world, it’s easy to forget we’re still in the midst of an opioid crisis. A&E never has forgotten and its long running Intervention series hits its a mind-boggling 24th season. It’s overwhelmingly sad, but there is some value in seeing the success stories.
  • On the other hand, Investigation Discovery is not helping much with the return of Fear Thy Neighbor. In these divided days where hate seems on the rise, it seems like they are not helping–or maybe they have a point. We hate to end on such a sad note, so here’s the 10K Maniacs with their underheralded cover of Cat Stevens from 1987.

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