What To Watch: 06/12/2022

We here in the Screen Scholars labs have been working so hard on making Streaming Friday happen that we’ve ignored the temptation to go for two and make Appointment Sunday a thing. It probably will get just as much traction, but there’s a bevy (yes, bevy) of new content that you can watch through the good old cathode tubes… well, more likely their descendants. And there’s some exciting streaming as well.

Dark Winds [AMC, 9p]
This 1971-set supernatural cop drama, adapted from the beloved Tony Hillerman series Leaphorn & Chee, stars Zahn McClarnon as a Tribal Police Lieutenant besieged by bizarre and unrelated crimes. As is the case in many cop dramas, he’s paired with a young, inexperience deputy, played by Kiowa Gordon, in an effort to bring closure to his open cases. Noah Emmerich and Deanna Allison also star in the series, which is much anticipated. It’s like if Justified met Fargo with a side of The Terror. It feels like AMC will stop at nothing until I have signed up for its streaming service.

The Booze, Bets & Sex That Built America [History, 8p]
In America catering to vice is always a safe bet to make money. This documentary is a look at the origin stories of the American alcohol, gambling, sex, and tobacco industries and the eccentric personalities who built some of history’s biggest fortunes on the nation’s cravings.

75th Annual Tony Awards [CBS, 8p]
Ariana DeBose hosts the latest iteration of the Broadway institution–the day it celebrates itself. Presuming you did not see all the nominees, this is a chance to see a bit of all the glory of almost all of them as performances of showstoppers and great scenes abound. Ah, who are we kidding. If you’re an ex-theater kid, you know you’re already planning on watching. 


  • If you’re looking for your newest period piece to chat with your most erudite friends, look no further than Becoming Elizabeth with charts the rise of the first Queen Elizabeth. It’s on Starz and Alicia von Rittberg in the lead role. She’s mostly starred in German shows, but you might have seen her in a recurring role on Genius.
  • Showtime points a beam at some of the most up, most coming auteurs to the flash movie anthology Spotlights: A Showtime Short Films.
  • Reelz slakes it’s appetite for musical deconstruction to fete the kings of L.A. hard rock with the pressing question being: will they discuss Chinese Democracy. It’s Guns ‘N Roses: Story of Their Songs.
  • Come for the Mike Colter, stay for the existential supernatural drama of Evil. Yes, it’s a CBS drama which can be a whole thing, we know, but many critics love it. Its third season hits screens tonight.
  • You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome, says HBO as the ever-self-deprecating Brit with the oversized wit and social conscience returns for a new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver tonight
  • A bunch of bakers gather in front of a rural silo, but this is no ordinary silo–this is the silo in Waco, Texas, which apparently gives its name to a pastry company or local bakery, and coincidentally it’s on that network that shares its name with the NYC bakey that Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg macked on in one of the first viral YouTube videos. That’s a long walk for us to tell you that Silos Baking Competition holds its inaugural contest on Magnolia Networks tonight.

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