What To Watch: 06/09/2022

It’s been a big year so far for reboots of groundbreaking LGBTQ+ programs as today QaF joins TLW in the list of shows which are back in business and booming. One of MTV’s earliest shows–one actually about music makes a return with a polarizing chart-topping duo and those kids keep on creating culinary delights.

Queer as Folk [Peacock]
Returning for its third incarnation, the landmark drama relocates to New Orleans in its “vibrant reimagining” of a diverse group friends whose lives are changed after a tragedy.

MTV Unplugged: Twenty One Pilots [MTV, 9p]
While I’m not a fan of this band to the point where I stan this Bojack Horseman joke, I’ll admit that some of their songs are bangers and would be genuinely curious to hear what the acoustic version of this eclectic alt rock band even means.

MasterChef Junior [FOX, 8p]
It’s time for the semi-finals and if you ask me I hope Ivy wins. To be fair, all of this crop of kid chefs are talented and could cook rings around me. Plus, it’s always nice to see a softer side to Gordon “it’s f/@&in’ raw” Ramsey.


  • The government’s two decade Post-WWII foray into psychoactive drug testing on random Americans is remembered in the Discovery+ docu-series Dr. Delirium & the Edgewood Experiments.
  • Discovery+ also brings us a profile of Indian guru/cult leader Swami Nithyananda through the eyes of the family of one of its adherents in My Daughter Joined a Cult. While you can see which side the producers of the docu-series are coming down on, they are almost certainly correct.
  • Page Hurwitz celebrates the queerer side of comedy by showing its universality with appearances from everyone from Eddie Izzard to Wanda Sykes to Bob the Drag Queen to Billy Eichner to so many many others in the Netflix spectacular Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration. Word is Eichner goes off on Dave Chappelle and frankly, all love to the GOAT, but we’re so here for that given the transphobe hill he’s decided to die on.
  • From MC Solaar to Assassin, the French have a history of producing innovative hip-hop, so it’s not surprising the first spinoff of a certain Netflix MC show off would be there. Rhythm + Flow: France debuts today.
  • While the title of HBO Max’s newest series is titled Amsterdam we’re not going north from France, but west and south as its title references the dog owned by a couple in Mexico City. It tells the tale of Martin and Nadia an artist couple who have been together as long as they can remember.
  • We’ll end this wrap-up at the only award show whose categories have included “Best Sandwich in a Film” and “Best Shirtless Performance.” It’s a bit more conventional these days, but the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted should still feature some unique moments. Vanessa Hudgins hosts.

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