Box Office Weekend: June 2022

It’s another month, which means new movies, and this June we get literary adaptations, hottakes, romantic comedies, and blockbusters. There’s something for everyone!

Dashcam, a horror from Blumhouse, follows a bored woman whose night goes sideways when she promises to escort an elderly woman across town.

Frank and Penelope, a horror movie, shoves the following tropes into one film: “bible thumpers,” cannibalism, sex work, backwoods towns, and petty theft.

Benediction stars Jack Lowden as Siegfried Sassoon, whose poetry “described the horrors of the trenches and satirised the patriotic pretensions of those who, in Sassoon’s view, were responsible for a jingoism-fuelled war.” (I took that from Wikipedia.) 

Eiffel is a French romantic-drama about the design and construction of the Eiffel Tower.

The Phantom of the Open is a comedy about “the remarkable true story of Maurice Flitcroft, a crane operator and optimistic dreamer from Barrow-in-Furness who, with the support of his family and friends, managed to gain entry to the 1976 British Open qualifying, despite never playing a round of golf before.” Mark Rylance stars as Flitcroft.

Watcher is a thriller about a young woman who realizes she’s being watched by a neighbor, while living in a city besieged by a serial killer.

New in theaters Friday, June 3, 2022

Prithviraj is “the grand saga of Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan.”

Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story is a documentary about the unique flora and fauna of Texas.

Maika: The Girl from Another Galaxy, a foreign movie for kids, is a “zany, adventure-filled” film about a little boy who helps an alien girl get home after his mother dies.

Fire Island streams June 3 on Hulu:

This queer, modern take on Pride & Prejudice is set on Fire Island. It looks like so much fun, and it stars Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Conrad Ricamora, Zane Philips, and Margaret Cho.

And Interceptor comes to Netflix:

Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey stars as Army captains who must stop a coordinated missile attack. Thanks, I hate it.

New in theaters Wednesday, June 8, 2022:

Block Party, a comedy, follows a young woman who falls in love with her hometown while “saving” her grandmother’s annual block party. The cast includes Antoinette Robertson, Margaret Avery, Charlyne Yi, Gary Anthony Williams, and Luenell. The film will stream on BET+ June 16.

Coming to Netflix that day:

Gladbeck: The Hostage Crisis, a German documentary about a 1988 bank raid. Two teenage hostages and a police officer died.

Hustle, stars Adam Sandler on a “down on his luck” basketball scout who tries to bring a player “with a rocky past” to America. People are really looking forward to this, apparently.

New in theaters Friday, June 10, 2022

Lost Illusions, a French drama, is an adaptation of the Balzac novel. It follows the rise and fall of Lucien de Rubempré, a writer.

The Walk stars Justin Chatwin as a white cop tasked with escorting Black students bussed into all-white schools in Boston. errence Howard, Lovie Simone, Katie Douglas, Anastasiya Mitrunen, Jeremy Piven, and Malcolm McDowell also star.

Jurassic World Dominion is the alleged final Jurassic Park movie. Looks stunning, but I’m rooting for Chris Pratt to die before the end.

The Lost Girls is a drama. Four generations of Darling women struggle to adjust to the real world after encountering Peter Pan.

Brian and Charles, a British comedy, follows a man who uses a period of melancholia to invent a friend. Looks weird and fun.

Lightyear, an animated film from Disney, is the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the toy from Toy Story. Chris Evans voices the original Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear. The film also stars Uzo Aduba, Peter Sohn, Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, and Dale Soules.

Official Competition, a satire on the film industry, stars Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, and Oscar Martínez. I’ll watch   Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas in just about anything.

First Love, a teenage drama about two high school seniors in love and preparing for college, is going to fuck me up

Stay Prayed Up is a documentary about 82-year-old Lena Mae Perry and her legendary North Carolina gospel group The Branchettes. The film will stream July 5 on Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

Coming that day to Netflix:

Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness, an animated film from France, based on a celebrate children’s comic.

Trees of Peace, a drama, follows women survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide against the Tusti, as they spear a “rehabiliation movement for their country.”

Centauro and The Wrath of God stream June 15:

A superbike racer become a drug courier in an effort to clear his mother’s debt in this Spanish-language drama-thriller.

A journalist “exposes her truth” when she believes her loved ones were murdered by a famous novelist in this Hindi drama.

Coming to Hulu June 17:

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande stars Emmas Thompson as a woman who finds liberation through the company of a sex worker.

And on Netflix:

The Martha Mitchell Effect, a documentary about “Martha Mitchell, a Republican cabinet wife who was gaslighted by the Nixon Administration to keep her quiet.” The film features and relies on footage of Mitchell herself.

Spiderhead, a thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, and Jurnee Smollet. Two prisoners at a state-of-the-art prison confront their pasts (and fight for their future?) while serving as test subjects for a billionaire’s drug research.

Streaming June 20:

Doom Of Love, a Turkish romantic comedy: “An indebted Fırat falls for a singer at a yoga retreat and joins her on a journey of self-realization.”

And June 22:

Love & Gelato, an Italian coming-of-age film, follows Lina as she searches for her father, and fulfills her mother’s final wish, in Rome. Like an Italian Mamma Mia!

New in theaters Friday, June 24, 2022:

The Black Phone, an adaptation of a short story by Joe Hill, stars Mason Thames as an abducted child who communicates with the victims of his kidnapper, who is played by Ethan Hawke.

Apples follows a man in a recovery program follow a pandemic that causes people to lose their memory. Looks good, but no thanks!

Flux Gourmet stars Asa Butterfield as a participant in an “institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance, a collective finds themselves embroiled in power struggles, artistic vendettas and gastrointestinal disorders.”

Elvis, a biopic, as directed by Baz Lurhmann. I hate everything about this.

Streaming on Netflix:

The Man from Toronto stars Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson in a comedy-action film that spirals around a case of mistaken identity.

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