What To Watch: 06/01/2022

It’s a great day if you’re feeling indulgent. There’s an intro to one of the newest MCU characters and a new episode of the second longest running animated series (or series period).

South Park: The Streaming Wars [Paramount+]
With Trey & Matt… we mean Stan, Kyle, Cartman, et al, believing fully in the existence and danger of ManBearPig (Al Gore was right!), the gang faces new calamities in this event which functions both as a standalone special movie and an episode of the long-long-running animated icon. Even if the show doesn’t always pay off, I’m always ready to watch as at its best, it’s still majestic and important.

A Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel [Disney+]
Ms. Marvel is a relatively new character, but her popularity and importance to the Marvel Universe have hit the stratosphere. If you need a refresher on her history check out this short doc prepping you for when her new series hits streaming on June 8.


  • Pedro Correia stars as Lucas, a drifter who inherits a crumbling apartment building, in the HBO Max feature flick My Dead Dad. The film looks to be a mix of comedy and drama as he deals with the eccentric tenants while confronting the ghosts of the father he barely knew.
  • We’d like to say a certain series has gone too far, but it passed that a long time ago. At least while we know The Real Housewives of Dubai will be gaudy, but the city is fascinating to look at.
  • Tyra Banks hosts Discovery+’s Generation Drag as it follows five teens in the drag scene and the families who (ideally) support them.

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