What To Watch: 05/26/2022

As we (suddenly) say goodbye to a screen icon who in his most famous role just wanted spaghetti and meatballs instead of noodles and ketchup, we recommend a show that examines an artistic talent who died much younger. We also stan a great cook and an SNL‘ers side project’s second season.

Look at Me: XXXTentacion [Hulu]
Hulu’s documentary explores “how Florida teenager Jahseh Onfroy became SoundCloud rapper XXXTENTACION, one of the most streamed artists on the planet.” Onfroy was murdered at 20 in 2018; at the time he was also well-known for his many controversies and legal battles, which included domestic abuse.

That Damn Michael Che [HBO Max]
Based on all his comments, it seemed like this past season would be Che’s final one on SNL co-manning its Weekend Update desk. However, when the dust cleared and the four exits were announced, his name wasn’t there. Therefore, his oddball, wonderfully disjointed sketch program remains his side and not main project as it returns for its second season, and we very much welcome it to see where it goes next. Plenty of present and former SNL-er cameos are promised, including his newsdesk-mate Colin Jost.

Top Chef [Bravo, 8p]
Last week the chefs went on a group fishing trip and then celebrated local seafood by cooking two different dishes each with their daily catch. Buddha and Sarah impressed the judges the most, Evelyn skated by with a couple of “safe” dishes and Damar and Nick stumbled. Nick was sent home and the remaining chefs were told they had just finished their last challenge in Houston! The remaining four chefs are headed to Arizona for their last challenge before the final. 


  • That he was denied the Jeopardy! hosting gig–against popular demand–does not lessen LeVar Burton’s place in the American zeitgeist as our king of reading and language. Thus, he’s a logical choice for Road to the Bee a special celebrating the path to becoming the premier young person when it comes to putting letters in their accepted order. The pre-Scripps Spelling Bee doc gets used in a sentence on Bounce today.
  • Watch out for little black spots on the Sun today as Kings of Pain returns for a second season on History Channel as Adam Thorn and “Caveman” Rob Avella get bit and stung by some of nature’s deadliest creatures–on purpose. Yes, Daniel, this is the real life.
  • A former Bollywood star battles real life villains like sex traffickers and domestic abusers on Discovery+’s Fight or Flight. And this is yet another show where we feel like we have to point out this is a real show and not made up.
  • Bronies, live your best life as there’s yet another show from your favorite sunshine-and-unicorns universe. The special My Little Pony: Make Your Mark debuts on Netflix. Oh, and kids, you might enjoy this as well.

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