What To Watch: 05/12/2022

One of Screen Scholars favorite new shows of 2021 returns for a second season, while a new sitcom from this year that will likely make our 2022 list continues to roll through its first season. Oh, we also rec the show with “roll” in the title.

Hacks [HBO Max]
Our favorite borderline toxic yet completely lovable duo is back! This season veteran comic Deborah Vance is leaving the comfort of her decades-long Vegas residency in the rear view mirror and hitting the road. All this on the whim of her entitled, millennial writer Ava no less. Can’t wait for all the misadventures this tour can create! The possibilities are endless and hopefully so are the punchlines. 

Welcome to Flatch! [Fox, 9p]
Kelly and Shrub are always scheming. In the first of tonight’s two episodes, they try to grow their social media following by filming a reunion between Father Joe and his Christian boy band mates. This is Flatch so i’m sure it will end well. Right? if you aren’t watching this show, as Kelly might say, what is wrong with you?

How We Roll [CBS, 9p]
In truth, I’d pick either of the above shows, but to throw a third thing on today, I’ll go with this bowling sitcom which will someday have people saying “Pete Holmes was in that?!” It’s fine!


  • In the relentlessly upbeat Australian Young Adult drama MaveriX, Motocross is king. Also, apparently, it’s the early ’00s as we’re using X in sports again to show how extreme they are. Someone call Dan Cortese. It’s on Netflix.
  • The whole premise of the new WE reality show Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler is pretty well laid-out in its title, but if you crave a slightly deeper dig: longtime Divorce Court jurist Toler doles out her decision before the “I Do”s are exchanged, as her decision determines whether the couples in question even make it to the altar.
  • In Shudder’s latest horrific offering, The Sadness, Taipei’s citizenry are plagued by an illness which compels them to be murderous sadists. One uninfected (presumably) couple have a re-meet-cute somewhere in the middle of all the madness.
  • Rosemary Ziwe makes her debut in the South African horror(?)-drama Savage Beauty as a woman who seeks revenge against a major beauty brand. It walks the Netflix runway tonight.

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