What To Watch: 05/11/2022

Do you want a WWII thriller rip’t from eight decade old headlines? Check! How about a classic MTV game of regular people showing off their physical prowess? Also check. A mystic martial arts experts who wanders the land? Got it. Anything else? Well, some things…

Operation Mincemeat [Netflix]
If you haven’t got enough of Colin Firth playing true life characters from his role in the mini-series The Staircase as (mayyyybe?) killer Michael Peterson, you’re in luck as he plays a WWII commanding officer leading a great deception. Succession‘s Matthew McFayden also features in a leading role. 

The Challenge: All Stars [Paramount+]
It’s back for its third season with a stacked cast. Jonna and MJ are back to defend their titles. As is Yes, who won season one of All Stars. After being absent in season two, Mark Long is back along with a number of other “OGs” including Derrick, Darrell, Tina and Veronica. Real World Austin continues to be well represented with Melinda, Nehemiah and Wes all making an appearance. Representing Real World Portland we’ve got Nia and Jordan who when they last appeared on The Challenge had an altercation that led to Nia being sent home right before the final. They have both grown since the incident and have become close friends. It will be very interesting to see how old dynamics come into play! With the cast full of physical beasts, I’m expecting some very intense elimination rounds this season. 

Kung Fu [The CW, 9p]
The search for artifacts is on. To keep one particular artifact out of the hands of Russell Tran, Nicky must recruit her entire family to infiltrate a party of elites. This reboot has been a lot of fun this season so if you haven’t checked it out you are missing out.


  • LARPers rejoice! Disney+ has seen into your soul and created The Quest, a reality show about eight teenagers who love to run around real fields in medieval garb with poleaxes. The competition debuts tonight.
  • Replace medieval garb with designer dresses and poleaxes with throwing wine and you’ve got the classic Bravo series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, starting its mind-boggling 12th season tonight.
  • Then some people like it really messy, and for them, we’ve got the new Discovery+ program, Messy History of American Food.

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