What To Watch: 04/26/2022

Today’s a relatively quiet Tuesday for new content, but we do have an intriguing documentary about a sociopathic cult leader and a new standup special from an eternally sarcastic comedian whose most memorable SNL character was a sociopath with a headset.

David Spade: Nothing Personal [Netflix]
Lockdowns, flirting, celebrity takedowns. it’s what we’ve come to expect from David Dpade’s comedy. His new Netflix special doesn’t break new ground, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard from him, and it’s nice to have his grumpiness back.

Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs [Peacock]
About 18 years ago, on a trip through Arizona, my partner and I decided to stretch our legs and stumbled onto a silent tiny town near the Utah border and were spooked to the point of running back to our rental car. Our freakout turned out to be warranted as that town was Colorado City, the compound of Warren Jeffs. This documentary tells the tale of one woman under his spell as he evades justice.


  • MTV revved up its random MTV show generator again for the new relationship reality drama Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship! People who are in long-ish relationships but have yet to meet family and friends cry out to the obvious person to tell this to–MTV documentarians.

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