What To Watch: 04/24/2022

The prodigal hitman returns, as does another misunderstood murderer (the latter from the 1800s). The latest anthology series takes a deeper look into the peripheral characters who affected the Watergate conspiracy. We’ve also got a murder baby, a profile of a Putin victim, and an Adult Swim live action series that combines the forces of multiple women named Debra.

Barry [HBO, 10p]
Barry is searching for jobs on the dark web. Sally is dealing with the pressures of being a show creator. Is Barry the best show about a hitman? Maybe? Is it the best show about a hitman wanting to be an actor? most definitely. At the very least, there has never been a more relatable hitman in popular fiction and Bill Hader is why. Now’s the time to start watching.

Billy the Kid [Epix, 10p]
This self-billed “epic romantic adventure” is “inspired” by the life of Billy the Kid and appears to be rooted in some semblance of truth, tracing the origins of the Irish-American boy that would grow into the notorious outlaw. Of course, the West–and the colonizers who occupied it–is a mythic space but this looks like it could be compelling.

Gaslit [Starz, 8p]
Sam Esmail produces this latest in a long, long line of historical anthologies. This one’s first season focuses on Watergate and some of the lesser figures–including the fascinating tale of socialite Martha Mitchell–which also spawned a very funny Drunk History. The insanely good cast includes A-listers, Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, reliable character actors Alison Tolman and Shea Whigham, as well as fun picks like Patton Oswalt, Chris Messina, and Nat Faxon.


  • As you can tell from the picture above, that infant has murder on the brain. And that’s the basic premise of the new HBO comedy horror series The Baby. Our lead Vanessa’s life is upended when the titular child falls into her arms, quite literally, off a cliff, after which deaths keep just happening around her.
  • In Navalny, CNN documents the brave battle of Alexy Novalny, the man who keeps running against Putin through corrupt elections, arrests (likely on dubious charges) and multiple assassination attempts, including a poisioning that disfigured and nearly killed him.
  • YouTube sensations Rhett McLaughlin and Charles “Link” Neal III, whose video comic antics often involve taste testing get a traditional TV show on the Food Network with Inside Eats with Rhett & Link.

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