What To Watch: 04/21/2022

The mystery surrounding Kaley Cuoco’s (well, her character’s) layover in Bangkok and the killing while she was there promises to only build in season two. Jordan Klepper (actually him) also travels outside the U.S. borders to use his skill as a MAGA-whisperer on right-wing kooks in another country. Meanwhile, Japan has a take on the classic (classic?) movie Junior (which Ted Cruz thinks was a documentary).

The Flight Attendant [HBO Max]
It seems Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) has been scared straight, kinda. This season we see her taking a sober approach to her life after all the antics she found herself at the helm of in season one. So, clean slate, living her best life in LA, moonlighting… as a CIA agent. Okay that’s not a sentence you see often. Will being on the straight and narrow really save her from becoming undone this go round? My gut says nahhh. But it will be a fun ride.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Presents: Jordan Klepper Fingers the Globe – Hungary for Democracy [Comedy, 11:30]
Jordan Klepper continues to “finger the pulse” of Trump Nation, but this time he’s going to Hungary. He wants to see just exactly what it is about the far-right country that has Republican and MAGA folks so enamored. Hungary you can deal with Tucker Carlson, but you handle Jordan’s questions?

He’s Expecting [Netflix]
A successful, cisgender man is forced to confront a myriad of inequities when he learns he’s pregnant in this Japanese dark comedy.


  • The new Hulu docu-series Captive Audience spans a half century in the life of the Stayners who had the ultimate horror when 7-year-old Steven vanished–a story which would become national news and the fodder for a made-for-TV movie.
  • As the fourth (or so) member of the Wayans family to achieve a level of fame, Marlon Wayans surely has an affinity for comedians who have had to struggle on the road as opening acts. His new HBO Special Marlon Wayans Presents: The Headliners is a showcase for them, giving the less exposed a chance to shine in front of a national audience.
  • Even as we deny a real pandemic playing out on our streets, I’m sure there will be an audience for the new Uruguayan horror flick Virus 32 on Shudder. This one has a bit of a twist as the infected become obsessed with hunting down and killing the uninfected–oh, wait, no, that’s just zombies. The buzz is actually pretty good on this one.
  • Back to HBO Max for Amsterdam a comedy which surprisingly did not come out yesterday given the title location. A couple has lost its spark but still love one another so decide to see how not being a couple goes. There’s an adorable dog at the center of it all, so we don’t know, we guess give it a shot, maybe?

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