What To Watch: 04/16/2022

Nigeria continues to flex its cinematic muscle as a Screen Scholar favorite (seriously, we’ve been clocking her for a while) hosts SNL for the first time–it’s her second appearance as musical guest.

The Man of God [Netflix]
Nollywood (Nigeria’s filmmaking industry) has become huge and is just now starting to hit the U.S. shores via Netflix. This promising flick chronicles the confusion of a man torn between his family’s religious ways (think megachurchy) and the secular life he desires.

Saturday Night Live [Saturday, 11:30p]
Lizzo is both host and musical guest tonight. She’s unstoppable between her hit show on Hulu and new music. I’ve said that I’ve liked the writing this season, but the last few weeks have been spotty so hopefully the Minneapolis songstress signals a return to form.


  • The 2022 NBA Playoffs kick off with Game 1 of the Western Conference first round matchup of the Denver Nuggets (and reigning MVP Nikola Jovic) and the Golden State Warriors. This game is on ABC, but surely the games will be all over the cable TV map as well (TBS, TNT, etc.).
  • With all the game shows out there, it’s a shame one of the most promising ones is stranded on Saturday, hinting that it may be short-lived. Would I Lie To You? takes a premise that has been a huge hit in the UK and brings in the right people to keep its unique tone intact. This week, team leaders Matt Walsh and Sabrina Jalees welcome in Julie Klausner (YES!), Rachel Feinstein, Shalewa Sharp, and Preet Bharara (yes, that Preet Bharara) to try to fool each other about a variety of oddball facts and people. Aasif Mandvi hosts the CW game show.
  • We’ve got two new additions to the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex. Lifetime brings us the sinister sounding (featuring either an Oscar winner or a Destiny’s Child) Wrath: a Seven Deadly Sins Story, while Hallmark leans into its usual vibe with Love, Classified.

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