What To Watch: 04/13/2022

Barack Obama may have the best curveball of any President, or at least few can really predict what his moves will be, no matter what certain members of the left might say. After being replaced as leader of the U.S. by a yelling 70-something Mein Kampf-enthusiast (look it up), Obama’s announcement of a huge Netflix deal was not really on the world’s bingo card. Today, we see one of the fruits of that labor as he narrates a docu-series showing off one of our country’s greatest resources, national parks. There’s also new episodes of the latest Marvel and the longest-running outdoor adventure competition program.

Our Great National Parks [Netflix]
Narrated by President Barack Obama, this docu-series explores the planets many, varied, national parks. I’m going to wait all season for it to visit my favorite, North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It won’t, but the series will definitely visit Yellowstone, which turned 150 this year.

Moon Knight [Disney+]
Before this fifth Marvel series debuted we were warned that it would be violent. Up until this week they were able to deal with the violence in clever ways, but this week’s episode three has more in-your-face action than we’ve seen up til now. We meet more Egyptian gods (or their avatars) and the battle of Stephen Grant/Marc Spector/Khonshu goes in some interesting areas. This show is nothing if not captivating.

Survivor [CBS, 8p]
Last week Vati (the green team) came last in the immunity challenge and had to face tribal council. After their last dramatic tribal council it was unsurprising that Daniel was chosen to go home. This week the tribes are coming together for a new twist. Jeff says it’s not the merge, but it is going to shake some things up. 


  • Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn became famous for their 1990 boogie–boogie which could only be described as “boot-scootin’.” Since then, they have become one of the biggest country music duos of all time and that’s probably why CMT chooses them to revive one of its popular showcases. It’s CMT Storytellers: Brooks & Dunn.
  • With some fun wordplay, Discovery welcomes the beginning of Moonshiners: American Spirit celebrating the creators of alcohols whose proofs run well into the triple digits. In truth, it’s a spin-off of the presumably popular Moonshiners.
  • It’s all about the puns in Discoveryworld as over on the streaming service Discovery+, we see the debut of High Design which is about the intersection of interior design and cannabis.
  • Let’s wrap this up with a trio of Netflix imports: the Argentine comedy Almost Happy follows the exploits of heartbroken DJ Sebastian and enters its second season today; the “delightfully” named Brazilian comic series Smother-in-Law comes from the Madea school of comedy as creator Rodrigo Sant’anna plays the obnoxious title character; we return to Argentina for Today We Fix the World, a movie about a man who finds out his 9-year-old is not his and their search to find his real father.

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