What To Watch: 04/04/2022

Happy Monday! Befitting that day’s signature mood, today’s recommendations each contain “but”s, caveats, for whatever reason. We’re fussy. Maybe we’re also all just Garfields, because we’d absolutely house some lasagna right now. All our recs are also non-fiction and on traditional TV. It’s 1987 all over again (and what % of our readers weren’t even born then).

The Invisible Pilot [HBO, 9p]
This three-part miniseries on HBO is about the life and sudden death of crop duster Gary Betzner in 1977. Intrigue, conspiracy, cocaine, and the CIA follow. It’s executive produced by Adam McKay, so our mileage may vary.

Benjamin Franklin [PBS, 8p]
The Poor Richard author and founding father with the best hair gets the Ken Burns treatment. Your interest will probably depend on your interest in that time in history and your tolerance for Burns’ distinctive idiosyncrasies. I love them!

American Idol [NBC, 8p]
Hollywood Week continues and the remaining contestants face the final judgement before moving on the the Sweet 16. Things are about to get real on the country’s longest-running singing competition. For what it’s worth, the music on the show has gotten better, and if that’s not a ringing endorsement, what is.


  • The newest Brit import from Acorn TV quietly has 1970s legend Jane Seymour in its lead role as Harry Wild. It’s got an interesting take on the British detective team format as she plays a retired professor who becomes a crimesolver after she is mugged and winds up shacking up with her son–a police detective. You might expect her partner to be her son, but nope, it’s her mugger — TWIST!
  • The new Spectrum series Long Slow Exhale is quite timely as a women’s college basketball coach (played by Rose Rollins) finds herself surrounded by an abuse scandal and tries to get to the bottom of it.
  • The new USA outside adventurer/survivalist show recognizes that our subjects will grow facial hair and uses it for a quite exquisite pun–it’s Mud, Sweat & Beards. Spinning wheel’s got to go round!

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