What To Watch: 04/02/2022

It’s like a 1990s R&B chanteuse sing-a-long in here this Saturday as our rec’s feature legends Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton (one in a memorial, the other in a thriller). So while there’s no new SNL [Ed.’s Note: ooh, flubbed that one, although based on reviews the cast and host Jerrod Carmichael might have been OK being forgotten], there are still TV options for all y’all:

Whitney, a Look Back [CBS, 8p]
While never a huge fan of the late singer’s music (and especially not the drama that ultimately claimed her life), it’s impossible to deny her talent and the impact she had on the world–both music and culture in general. I’m here for a celebration of her way-too-short life.

The Fallen Angels Murder Club [Lifetime, 8p]
Lifetime’s anthology movie series follows a book club comprised of felons. Of course, they turn into detectives and solve crimes. In tonight’s premiere, Toni Braxton portrays an ex-con who investigates the members of her own club when a member is murdered and the police suspect she did it.


  • Saturdays are Lifetime’s once in a… well, it, day to shine, so we’re putting them at the forefront today. After Braxton’s star turn, the network rolls yet another of its unique brand of flicks with Fatal Fandom, which stars Chaley Rose as a pop star who is stalked by, you guessed it, a stalker.
  • Hallmark’s courtships are almost always on the other end of the spectrum, and so it is for this week’s offering Just One Kiss. We will say the meet-cuters in this one are about as good as it gets with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Santino Fontana and Smash‘s Krysta Rodriguez.
  • Chumlee’s back, back again–as are his three generations of Harrisons at the World Famous Gold & Silver as History Channel starts yet another season of Pawn Stars.

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