What To Watch: 03/30/2022

Oscar Isaac joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe for its sixth official TV series, a couple of more amateur crime-fighters finish their first season on Syfy and reveal if they’ll save the world (or at least their small part), Jason is distracted by a slow-moving French film, and Netflix unveils its latest con-men-and-intrigue docu-series. It’s all on today’s What to Watch.

Moon Knight [Disney+]
This might be the perfect time for Moon Knight to make his MCU debut. Oscar Isaac plays Steven Grant’s mental health issues honestly and with compassion. Yes, this show is going to be more violent than most Marvel fare, but it has a heart. Finally, this character can be more than “Marvel’s Batman”

Astrid & Lilly Save the World [Syfy, 10p]
Tonight is the season one finale of this sweet show. Astrid and Lilly are down to one last monster! Unfortunately he’s their toughest yet and is attempting to open multiple portals to bring “monster soup” to their world. Can they defeat The Guardian? Can they rescue Sparrow from his thrall? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this gem gets renewed for season two. 

Zero Fucks Given [MUBI]
This unique French film with a memorable title follows a young woman working for a discount airline as she gets drunk in different locales, but functions enough to attend to her customers (and make her drink quotas). Word is from reviews that this cinema verite-heavy film plays out like the Joseph Heller novel Something Happened in that for most of the film it just wanders through her live before taking some sort of twist near the end.


  • When you hear the word “crypto,” you probably do one of three things: cringe, tune the speaker out, or launch into a long reply about how it’s the greatest thing ever and you (a different you) has to get in on it (man). Regardless of these possible reactions, the history and rise of this supposed next wave of currency–with all its mysteries and good and bad agents–holds undeniable intrigue. The new Netflix documentary Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King plays out as a true crime story as it tells the story of a murdered crypto-banker, a missing 250 million dollars worth of the “coins” and investigates what all might have happened.
  • From its title and location, you can probably guess that ABC’s 24 Months That Changed the World is about the Pandemic and tells the stories of various heroes and regular folks (and probably celebrities) whose lives were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. And you’d be right. Robin Roberts hosts.
  • Netflix debuts a pair of imports. From Argentina, All Hail is the story of a beloved weatherman whose fame and adoration suddenly fades when he misses the call on a gigantic hailstorm. The Turkish family drama Wild Abandon is huge in its home country, and its tale of a gaudy family hits our shores today.
  • Veteran documentarian Jay Rosenblatt gets personal as he examines an instance of severe bullying he witnessed–but did nothing to stop–in 5th grade. A half-century later, he tracks down as many of his classmates and instructors as possible to try to discover the psychology of why we bully and why we let others get away with it (sometimes even rooting it on) in the HBO Docu-short When We Were Bullies.
  • Part of the story of the popular 2012 documentary The Queen of Versailles was the aftermath. The movie told the story of Jackie Siegel as she and her husband tried to build the biggest single-family home in America as the economy crashed around them. The couple objected to the image presented in the film, and became extremely litigious, suing the filmmakers on multiple fronts–losing all cases. However, that does not seem to have soured them on putting their life on screen as the couple returns in the Discovery+ series Queen of Versailles Reigns Again. It’s 2022, and the long project nears successful construction. Does anything go wrong? Discovery Networks surely hopes it does.
  • The Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex today offers no new gaudy flicks, but its residents do bring us the return of a reality series as the down under version of the instant nuptials show, Married at First Sight: Australia hits the airwaves tonight.

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