What To Watch: 03/28/2022

There’s a clear thread of strong women running through today’s recommendations, whether it’s journalists persevering in the search for truth in dangerous circumstances, a tremendous actress seeking the inspiration for her breakthrough (and Oscar winning) role, or an American chef who fought her way to become the pre-eminent thinker around French (and other) cuisine (oh, and she was also a secret agent in WWII).

Warrior Women with Lupita Nyong’o [Smithsonian, 8p]
I’d watch just about anything with Lupita Nyong’o in it–that goes the same for her brother after his most-famous-selfie-in-the-world-bombing on the night she won the Oscar. Here she digs deep and travels the world to find the inspiration for the warrior she played in Black Panther

Independent Lens: Writing With Fire [PBS, 10p]
This Oscar-nominated film documents India’s only all female new network. It’s a fascinating story and def worth the award buzz it’s getting. If you aren’t giving to your local PBS station, films like this are the reason viewers like you should be.

The Julia Child Challenge [Food, 10p]
This week contestants are exploring Julia’s time in France at culinary school and challenged by Head Judge Antonia Lofaso to make a souffle using only their hands. 


  • There’s not much more. Thermae Romae Novae is a reboot of a 2010 manga featuring the first two latin words (and novae=new, soooo…). It’s a prequel of sorts as the lead Roman architect Lucius examines the path that led to his current life.

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