What To Watch: 03/27/2022

It’s that day when statues are handed out for being the greatest pretenders, when we remember some of the people who died in the last year (and inevitably forget to remember at least one all-time great), and when voices battle red-lit fanfares to get the last thanks in. In addition to all the Oscar madness, most Sunday shows have new episodes–so tuck in.

94th Annual Academy Awards [ABC, 8p]
It’s the glitz, the glamour, the biggest night in film: the day after the Razzies are handed out. The ceremony has welcomed back the idea of having a host… sort of. However, it’s a good group of funny people and one actor with gravitas passing the mic around tonight: Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, and Regina Hall.

Killing Eve [BBC America, 8p]
Last week Eve and Helene had dessert and took a bath, Konstatin began working with Pam and Villanelle was sent to kill Carolyn. This week Eve and Helene continue their hunt for Lars as Carolyn heads off to Berlin and Villanelle lingers in Cuba. I spent a lot of last week screeching at the television and can only assume that will continue tonight. I can’t predict where this is all headed and I am loving every little twist and turn. 

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Negan is on his own. but not for long. The happenings in this week’s episode of our favorite family of zombies show lead with Negan in the charge of Hershel: I’m sure this will make Maggie super happy. Meanwhile, Daryl tries to pull off a heist.


  • The Goldie in tonight’s The Great North episode title “As Goldie as it Gets” is certainly referring to the name of the elderly woman who befriends Ham in this episode… but what if she IS played by Goldie Hawn? We don’t see any proof it is, but we can dream, no?
  • It’s on Fox, as is, of course, Bob’s Burgers and tonight’s episode has a fun premise that’s directly in the show’s wheelhouse as the kids tell competing stories of an event in their grandpa’s past.
  • Over at Showtime’s Billions, Chuck needs a win, his former mentee has to confront her past, while Prince and Wendy try to work out the former’s motivation for his next phase as he courts the 2028 Olympics for NYC.
  • Lifetime. Movie. Sister with a Secret. Sister has a secret. Lifetime also has a secret as it’s not even promoting this new movie with a landing page, nor does it even have an IMDb page yet.

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