What To Watch: 03/22/2022

Quinta Brunson has brought the workplace sitcom back to respectability with a show that will assuredly be the rare network show that winds up on multiple year-end top tens (including our own?). It returns to its timeslot with a new set of shows leading the best of what’s on the air today.

Abbott Elementary [ABC, 9p]
After a three week long hiatus, Abbott Elementary is back! This week it’s Open House night. As Janine stresses over meeting with a struggling student’s mother, the other teachers take it easy. 

Jeff Foxworthy: The Good Old Days [Netflix]
This is kind of a “to bury Jeff, not to praise him” sort of thing, but back in the day, if you removed his politics and catch phrase schtick, and before he asked the average American if they were smarter than a 5th grader, Foxworthy, at his best, was one of the smarter standups working out there. The trailer to this Netflix special with its women-be-shopping level of jokes is not too promising, but…

Superman & Lois [The CW, 8p]
John Henry is acting weird… and with all the bizarro madness going on it could mean many things and none of them are good for Superman. Meanwhile Kyle and Lana have an awkward interaction. We’re not in Metropolis anymore!


  • Women talk about pleasure and the difficulty obtaining it and the imbalance of achieving it in the new Netflix documentary The Principles of Pleasure.
  • We’ve got to hand it to Clear Channel–they’ve morphed their image from one of the most hated forces in music to a benign organization that creates music concerts and awards for teens. In any case, the iHeartRadio Music Awards announces its winners on Fox tonight.
  • If you raised the roof for Raise the Titanic, then you might be the audience for the History Channel’s latest adventure special: Shackleton’s Adventure: The Lost Ice Ship Found.

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