What To Watch: 03/20/2022

Happy solstice to y’all out there. Is it just us or did the Winter fly by? We’ve got exciting new episodes of favorite shows alongside some (at least somewhat) intriguing new programs.

Step Into.. The Movies with Derek and Julianne Hough [ABC, 10p]
Way, way back when I was a little child, they used to have Summer replacement series, and this sort of high concept “event” (or series of “events” in this case) would fit in right there, but now, with the reality boom of the last few decades, it’s right there debuting in a sweeps time. Anyway, the “high concept” is that the hosts and a variety of celebrities and others recreate famous movie scenes–and given the title and the fact that the hosts are dancers, the focus will clearly be memorable dance scenes, be they splashing into swimming pools, splashing onto one’s self, or singing in the rain (not sure why all the water references). 

Killing Eve [BBC America, 8p]
Last week Villanelle went to therapy, Carolyn went to a barbecue, and Helene’s protege Pam was impatient to begin working. This week, Constantin has been put in charge of training Pam, Carolyn is headed to Cuba to hunt a member of The Twelve who was left to die, Eve has dessert with Helene and Villanelle struggles against imprisonment. 

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
Jughead is dealing with some hearing loss and the rest of the town is… well not Riverdale any more. Seriously.. what even is this show? Sci fi? Erotic thriller? Murder mystery? Crime procedural? A Euphoriaesque deconstruction of modern teenage life? All of these my friend. All. Of. These.


  • A period piece? On PBS? You don’t say. Sandition is loosely based on a work by Jane Austen and boasts an impressive cast led by Rose Williams and Theo James. Its second season hits tonight.
  • The British singer Adele has that quality that no matter how refined you feel your musical taste is, it’s hard to deny her ability to imbue a certain level of passion into her tracks. Did you know she co-wrote the #1 song “Someone Like You” with Dan Wilson, better known as the lead singer/songwriter for the 1990s alternative trio Semisonic of “Closing Time” fame? I love that piece of trivia. An Audience with Adele airs on NBC tonight.
  • The HBO Max Mexican import Amsterdam does take place in the titular Dutch city and starts with a couple who gets a puppy–so, yeah, we’re intrigued!

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