What To Watch: 03/18/2022

Even on a busy Friday, Amy Schumer stands out to the tune of 40% of our recommendations. There’s also tempting thrillers, a Big Mouth spinoff, Mikey Day tries to fool people with baked goods, the latest adaptation of recent American hubris, Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union remake an unlikely choice.

Life + Beth [Hulu]
Amy Schumer’s new comedy follows Beth, a woman who “has it all” (a good job, a boyfriend, a Manhattan apartment) but gives it up for life upstate in pursuit of happiness (and possibly, Michael Cera). I’d usually be miffed with a premise like this (New York City is wonderful!) but the trailer, like Amy, is full of charm.

Life + Beth [Hulu]
In more women-led programming comes the latest comedy from Amy Schumer. She stars as Beth, a woman who seemingly has it all — the nice Manhattan apartment, the “great” boyfriend, the well-paying job but something was missing. A sudden life event throws her for a loop and makes her stop and reevaluate EVERYTHING.  Sometimes the only way to move forward is to go back… back home to Long Island to start all over. Insert hijinks here. With an A-list comedy cast that includes Michael Cera, Lavar Walker and Kevin Kane it should be a fun and maybe all too relatable ride. 

Human Resources [Netflix]
The hormone monsters, shame wizards, and depression kittens that populate the Big Mouth universe have to have a home to which to return. This spinoff reveals the headquarters of the neurotic creatures who manage and fuel our own neuroses. The original show’s voices like creator Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, and Maya Rudolph along with new characters voiced by Thandie Newton, Ali Wong, Rosie Perez, and others. 

Is It Cake? [Netflix]
As ridiculous as it sounds!  A new game show hosted by SNL’s Mikey Day where talented bakers attempt to fool a panel of judges with their life-like creations in order to win a cash prize. 

Deep Water [Hulu]
Open marriages are a tricky thing. Especially if the police notice the disappearance of the lovers Of a woman. The main suspect? Her husband. I haven’t seen this yet so it could be hallmark level of cheesiness. It also stars Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas so it could also be a compelling thriller. Either way it should be a fun ride.


  • The latest rip’t-from-headlines mini-series chronicling con-men and horribly unsuccessful businessman (and the small grey space in between) takes on the scandals at WeWork. Jared Leto plays its shady founder Adam Neumann in Apple TV’s WeCrashed, because, well, Jared Leto.
  • Top Boy, the British version of The Wire… well, not really, but it is set in a set of flats riddled with drug dealers and tells their stories along with those of the ones trying to escape or capture them. Season two hits Netflix today.
  • Another new Netflix film, Windfall, boasts a terrific cast including Lily Taylor and Jesse Plemons, but also features a fairly tired premise as criminals target a rich man’s house, but their calculation that they place is empty turns out to be faulty.
  • Not sure why anyone thought this was the time for yet another adaptation of that 1948 memoir about a family that had a lot of babies, but here we are and there’s a new version of Cheaper by the Dozen, fresh(?) for 2022. It’s on Disney+ and the one upside is it’s a kind of cool pairing: Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff.
  • MUBI’s family drama Love After Love sports its own creative casting with Andie MacDowell as a confused and (probably) grieving new widow with complicated relationships with her two sons played by, get this, Chris O’Dowd and James Adomian.
  • Looks like Roku Channel has run through its bite-size ex-Quibi content and is now dealing in full-length original series. The Newsreader features Anna Torv and Sam Reid as… well, you can see the title.
  • Mariamo Diallo’s debut film is the latest to find the added level of horror at the intersection of racial discrimination and old-fashioned monster movie. In Master, two professors and a student–all African American women–are embroiled in the story of a racially motivated attack in a dorm which may or may not be haunted. It’s on Amazon Prime.
  • Standing Up is the standout among Netflix imports this week. The French series takes place inside the Paris comedy scene. Or maybe it’s the English-language Indian series Eternally Confused & Eager for Love about an awkward 20-something named Ray who turns to an inanimate wizard for dating advice. There’s also the Swedish dystopian post-apocalyptic thriller flick Black Crab. Cracow Monsters is from Poland and deals with monsters among us, but you could probably guess both of those things from its title. Taiwanese crime drama Light the Night used to be called Blue Hour and is going into its third season. Finally, Spanish film Without Saying Goodbye is Spanish and tells the tale of a love sparked in Peru.
  • Finally, over in the LHV, LMN has the latest new movie with a title in the running for Lifetime-iest movie title ever. Drowning in Secrets is about… well, you know what… we’re exhausted. If you’ve come this far and are interested, click the title and the description will be there. That said, thank you for coming along this far and happy TV watching.

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