What To Watch: 03/11/2022

This Streaming Friday[TM] really does have something for just about everyone, led by a shiny new Pixar flick (and who does not get excited about that? do they have a pulse?). We also have the return of a quirky sci-fi afterlife show, a new miniseries from the mind of Walter Mosley, featuring the esteemed Samuel L. Jackson, and Snoopy!

Turning Red [Disney+]
This new Pixar movie is about a spunky 13-year old kid who wakes up one morning to discover that she magically poofs into a giant red panda whenever she gets too excited. Sandra Oh voices the caring but overbearing mother. Directed by Domee Shi who won an academy award for the Pixar short “Bao” which never fails to make me cry. I’m sure this one will be a poignant delight.

Upload [Amazon Prime]
This science fiction comedy kept me intrigued last season with its premise about choosing/buying your afterlife and the cloud (with the way Metaverse is headed, it doesn’t seem far-fetched AT ALL) It’s like Black Mirror lite, with the added amazing scenery of Mohonk Mountain House Preserve mixed in. We were left on a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of season one, where character Nathan spent the whole season trying to find ways to 1. escape his super controlling then girlfriend, who shows up at Lakeview in the last ep, surprise! 2. Communicate with his new love interest Nora, which proves difficult when he no longer has the financial means of his ex-girlfriend’s family. It just demonstrates why his code for a no-fee afterlife program was truly important. Great, so even in death there is no break from classism! Unless, Nate can find a way to fix things from the digital other side. 

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey [Apple TV]
While Walter Mosley is best known for his gritty detective novels, the 70-year-old author is one of the most versatile writers working today. This mini-series brings one of his most beloved pieces of literature to the screen as a 93-year-old man with dementia is granted with a sudden stretch of lucidity, during which he endeavors to find the person who murdered his nephew. 

The Snoopy Show [Apple TV]
Snoopy returns for season two, bringing Charlie Brown, his friends, and my sanity, together at last.

Undercover Boss [CBS, 8p]
The CEO of Restoration 1 goes undercover to see what it’s like in the trenches of his company and make some dreams come true. He’s a self described redneck so his disguise should be pretty fun to see on the show that shows off the best and worst of capitalism…


  • Ryan Reynolds has found an odd niche making movies where he’s mostly in the real modern world, but with an odd twist–maybe he’s a deformed superhero or he’s trapped in a video game but does not know it or he’s been turned into a Pokemon. In Netflix’s The Adam Project, he’s a man from 2050 whose search for his missing girlfriend somehow transports him to 2022 where he enlists the help of his younger help.
  • Even if you’re not into cars speeding around in circles, the exuberance and pure adrenaline of Formula 1: Drive to Survive might still excite you. Its fourth season begins on Netflix today.
  • The Netflix Spanish import Once Upon a Time… Happily Never After fractures its fairytale fantasy with farce that alternates between clever and base as a gallant knight tries to woo his fairest princess. Its trailer looks both promising and as cringe as a middle-aged What to Watch roundupper trying to use internet slang.
  • Time goes so fast–the second generation of Carringtons is already in its fifth season as the CW’s Dynasty reboot picks up where the first two episodes of the season (aired late last year) left off. Its reboot night on the youngest network as the three witches of Charmed also return to start their fourth season.
  • Playing a divorced mom version of her popular teenage character, dare we say, that’s just so Symone comma Raven. Raven’s House goes into its fifth season on, where else, The Disney Channel.
  • We’ll end our roundup in our usual locale of the Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex where the Lifetime Movie Network, we see the debut of Sinister Stepsister in which generic family man Jeff Miller (even name is generic) is shocked to find out he has a secret daughter who comes into his life after her mom’s/his college girlfriend’s death. Are her intentions noble–well, the title would seem to give away the game.

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