What To Watch: 03/10/2022

At the top of our recs is a casino-based comedy featuring a grand crew of up-and-coming stars, a globetrotting adventure with a young one at the center, and one of the longest-running dramas on television.

Bust Down [Peacock]
When you think gambling, Gary, Indiana, isn’t what comes to mind. With this new show, which includes Sam Jay and SNL‘s Chris Redd, that may change. It’s a workplace comedy about four friends working at the Diamondback Casino. Located in.. you guessed it, Gary, Indiana. The location alone may make this show worth watching.

Theodosia [HBO Max]
Eloise Little strars as Theodosia, a young woman who finds herself battling a secret society “out to destroy the world with ancient Egyptian dark magic” (fucking yikes). Based on the best selling series, I hope the 1906 setting will not include 1906 imperialism.

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 9p]
It’s finally time for Meredith and Amelia and the rest of the team to embark on their top secret special surgery with Dr. Hamilton. Meanwhile, Owen has a setback in his recovery and Amelia must choose between groundbreaking surgery and saving Owen’s life. 


  • DC’s very own Preacher, Dominic Cooper, stars in the western That Dirty Black Bag as a bounty hunter in search of the man who killed his mother–while the hunted villain is not a seven-fingered man, he does have a very identifiable knife. The action starts on AMC+ today.
  • Three social media influencers go on a girls’ trip only to find themselves in the midst of an alien invasion–one that starts cute, but takes a quick turn for the evil in The Seed. You can probably guess that it’s on Shudder.
  • BET+’s Ruthless is essentially Tyler Perry’s Da Vinci Code as Ruth tries to avoid a sex cult and at the same time the cult tries to avoid the government.
  • Two of the sassiest, saltiest late night hosts return to a regular weekly schedule. Desus & Mero returns for a 4th season on Showtime and promises to be more regular.
  • Werner Herzog brings his brother Rudolph along for what promises to be the most unsettling astronomy lesson ever with the documentary feature Last Exit: Space on Discovery+.
  • Singer Sandy Leah is the bubbly star of the Brazilian HBO Max Import cooking show Sandy + Chef. It’s based on the American show Selena + Chef. It’s a brand as HBO Max also debuts the Mexican version Juanpa + Chef.

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