What To Watch: 03/09/2022

We’ve got Ryan Murphy sneaking posthumous peeks at a legendary pop art personality’s diary, a new Fab Five with a Teutonic twist, the return of a whole bunch of CW shows, and a bunch of people who, like the Pet Shop Boys, like to “all day all day, watch them all fall down”… or at least we think that’s what that song is about.

The Andy Warhol Diaries [Netflix]
The six-part documentary, executive produced by Ryan Murphy, promises an intimate examination of Warhol’s richer, inner life through interviews, his diaries, and Warhol himself (as a deep fake).

Queer Eye: Germany [Netflix]
Unlike Queer Eye Japan where the American fab five traveled to Japan to work their magic, this German version features a whole new German fab five. I am very interested to see how the dynamics play out and learn more about German Queer culture! 

Kung Fu [The CW, 9p]
This reboot’s first season was better than I was expecting it to be and now we enter season 2. There was a lot reckoning in the season finale and the next chapter is sure to deal with a lot of the effects. If that’s not enough, and unexpected visitor may just complicate things even further.


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