What To Watch: 03/08/2022

We don’t need to be buttered, Pam! OK, that’s a different Pam than Oscar-winner Renée Zellweger’s debut on network television, but we’ll take any excuse to jam in the saga of Jorts the Union-Loving Cat. You’ve got lots of options if you’re looking for something brand new as, in addition for that NBC show, there’s a new special from one of the best rising stand-ups, a chilling true-crime docu-series about an evil gamer, one of TV’s quirkiest show becomes the first to create an International Women’s Day episode.

The Thing About Pam [NBC, 10p]
Peacock’s dramatization of a Dateline episode stars Renée Zellweger as Pam Hupp, who orchestrated the murder of Betsy Faria (Katy Mixon). Judy Greer and Josh Dhuamel also star in what appears to be an over-the-top series.

Perfect World: A Deadly Game [Peacock]
Players of the international multi-player online game Perfect World wound up dragged into a much darker game offline after a fellow gamer starts sharing thoughts about brutally murdering his family–it gets even creepier when he sends pictures to suggest that he is planning to carry it out (if he hasn’t already). Is it a dark true crime thriller or an example of misfits working together to avert a tragedy? I’m hooked.

Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You [Netflix]
Despite the title of Taylor Tomlinson’s new special, the world has been looking at her for a while now. She may be one of the only comedians giving Iliza Shlesinger a run for her money when it comes to whip smart, pull no punches observational stand up. This special is a talent at the top of her game. If you haven’t checked her out now is the time.

Last One Standing [Netflix]
This new Japanese series features a group of comedians battling through a scripted drama. Their success depends on their jokes landing in unscripted scenes. If their jokes are funny they continue on for another week. If their jokes fall flat they are eliminated. Who will be the last comedian standing? 


  • That quirky Canadian series about the vastly varied people of the town of Letterkenny, Ontario(?), has risen near the level of Bob’s Burgers for its mastery of holiday episodes. Thus Letterkenny: International Women’s Day Special should be a lot of fun as the ladies of the town host an anti-beauty special while the men celebrate in their own way (and it’s probably not what you think). On Hulu.
  • One of the most bizarre and tragic murders of the past–involving a famous inventor, an established journalist, and the inventor’s personal submarine–gets the HBO docu-series treatment with Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall.
  • Netflix releases two more imports today. The Italian comedy series An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts follows its end-of-her-rope lead Alice as she is convinced by a stranger to follow astrological readings seriously and see where she winds up. The Polish musical comedy movie Autumn Girl tells the story of ’60s singer Kalina Jędrusik and her life and loves.

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