What To Watch: 03/07/2022

It’s a bit of a sparse Monday, but if you like biting dramas or Brit detective shows (or country music and one of its two kindest living legends), there’s something for you.

The Chelsea Detective [Acorn]
Most Brit crime series have two different kind of investigators: poshies and hardscrabble fighters who clawed their way up and nothing in between. Our titular character here is very much the latter, but polices the former. He also, of course, has a partner. She’s probably a poshie. Anyway, if you love British detective series, this is another one.

The Cleaning Lady [Fox, 9p]
Thony has to find her way back from Mexico and if that’s not enough, Raman’s conflict with Hayak might come to a head. The first season of The Cleaning Lady is heading towards its end so expect some surprises.


  • We’re not usually the ones to talk about country music awards shows up in this spot, but if Dolly Parton is hosting, we’re ready to listen. One of the best examples of what humanity could be, Parton hosts the 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards on Amazon Prime.
  • HBO has a pretty solid Monday line-up going. First, it’s the American Downton Abbey, The Gilded Age on which Edison and electricity are the news of the day amongst the absurdly large main cast. Following that, it’s Brilliant New Friend whose plot is led by the sitcom trope of its main character bringing her new boyfriend home to meet the ‘rents, but it’s a better show than that sounds.

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