What To Watch: 03/06/2022

It’s hard to fathom that at one point in the 1970s, the NBA was floundering–although based on its trailer, the new movie starring John C. Reilly Bohemian Rhapsodizes (aka exaggerates) the misfortunes of the Lakers who were 12 games over .500 and a perennial contender in that decade. That debuts alongside a thriller starring that woman who danced with Bruce Springsteen in the video for “Dancing in the Dark” and has done other things since. The two mid-season episodes we rec today are Killing Eve and The Walking Dead; their episode titles are “Don’t Get Eaten” and “Rogue Element,” and you might be surprised which one matches up with which.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty [HBO, 9p]
This dramatic miniseries covers the “glitz and glamour” of 1980s Los Angeles, the Lakers, Dr. Jerry Buss, and Magic Johnson.

Shining Vale [Starz, 10p]
That the first word of this new thriller is “shining” is fitting (and likely not coincidental) as a writer (Courtney Cox) goes to a haunted house to finish her novel only to be haunted by ghosts. It appears to be a bit less isolated and a bit more lighthearted (not that the Kubrick version of The Shining didn’t have its moments of kookiness). The new series has got a terrific supporting cast going for it, including Judith Light, Mira Sorvino, and Greg Kinnear. 

Killing Eve [BBC America, 8p]
Last week Eve caught a glimpse of Helene and has now tracked her down, hoping an encounter will bring her a step closer to taking out the twelve. Newly baptized Villanelle is working hard to curb her violent urges. Perhaps drag Jesus will help?

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Look, we are all rooting for Eugene. We want him and Stephanie to work out. Well this week’s episode throws a big ol’ monkey wrench in his plans. Stephanie has gone missing. I sure hope he can find her. Meanwhile, the more sinister underside of Commonwealth may be drawn more into the light as the the rebellion grows…


  • Jim and Claire, the heroes of the time-traveling love story Outlander have made it through so much turmoil, including early years when the show aired on that graveyard of days, Saturday. The program has built a fiercely loyal cult following and thus here we are in 2022, as a sixth version starts on Starz today.
  • The power-iest of acting’s power couples, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, host the 37th Independent Spirit Awards on IFC and AFC+.
  • Although it feels like learning what’s in its title would take more than a weekly show, Science Channel’s How the Universe Works does its best to teach us a little about the functioning of the world around us before we inevitably shuffle off mortal coils. Its webpage does promise eye-popping CGI!
  • If you like Bridgerton and The Bachelor, you’re probably going to love the newest NBC reality dating show The Courtship. I mean, just look at the picture above and tell us we’re wrong. It’s basically the latter but with fewer hot-tub hookups and more ankle-length ballgowns.
  • Beeyotch… it’s The Circus. The Showtime politics show will surely be stretching to find topics to talk about given we are living in such un-interesting times. Alex Winter and John Heillemann will just have to chat about fly fishing tips or the prospects of the Columbus Blue Jackets season to fill the time as they start season seven.
  • The Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex starts us off at Lifetime with If Walls Could Talk which involves a mother whose health may be declining, a daughter who comes home, a suspiciously helpful health care worker, a ghost, and almost certainly, stalking. Hallmark returns its quaint little melodrama When Calls the Heart which is going into its ninth season.

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