What To Watch: 03/02/2022

Trey Parker and Matt Stone go on down to Ukraine, goofy Korean sea criminals return, and Colombians dance, dance, dance while learning about love. It’s a very international version of a random March Wednesday in Screen Scholars What To Watch.

Savage Rhythm [Netflix]
Teen dance dramas are my passion, so of course, I am looking forward to this Columbian series, streaming today on Netflix: “The opposite worlds of two dancers in Colombia clash on and off the dance floor when their ambition to succeed leads them down a treacherous path.”

South Park [Comedy, 8p]
So, if someone told you when you were in college that that barely-drawn cartoon of Jesus battling Santa would be still airing when you are safely into your middle age, what mental hospital would you have escorted them to? Well it is. Trey Parker & Matt Stone’s irreverent comedy remains relevant because it still manages to be controversial while being intelligent. And because it stays current. Case in point, the latest episode that drops today. The episode is titled “Back to Cold War.” It deals with Butters trying to crush the competition in a dressage championship. But really it’s about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure [Netflix]
This sequel to a 2014 Korean film I’ve honestly never heard of was South Korea’s quickest ever movie to a million streams when it was released in its home country. The adventure flick looks fun and genuinely funny with an alluring cast of vagabonds and layabouts and… well, the sort you’d expect in a pirate flick. While it was likely aiming for a Pirates of the Caribbean flair, it appears to be more Pirates of Penzance and that’s not a bad thing. 


  • Does a 1909 period adventure piece all in Danish about an expedition to Greenland excite you? What if I told you Against the Ice had a 43% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Oh, wait, that’s not good. If you are still there for it, it’s on Netflix.
  • A&E continue to bring more of that high cultured arts and entertainment for which they were created with new season of Court Cam and Neighborhood Wars. While we certainly don’t blame Joe Biden for this, the state of the union is not that great!
  • But maybe Australia is doing OK as Smithsonian airs a new documentary Pridelands: Wilderness Reborn about a Sydney family who took over hunting grounds and converted them into an animal sanctuary.
  • We mention The Conners not particularly for its plot–however, it IS a timely one as the family is trapped in their house during an active shooter incident. It’s more on our mind just to remind you what a national treasure is the ABC show’s co-star John Goodman. Yesterday, he was trending on Twitter simply because everybody loves him and enjoyed the way the younger version of him was rocking a Black Flag t-shirt.

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