What To Watch: 03/01/2022

Joe Biden gets the chance to speak for himself in an event that seems to get later and later each year tonight. Meanwhile, another 70-something man known for getting himself into fine messes on his long-running semi-autobiographical show gets a fair profile, some goofy superheroes and supervillains battle an endless battle and some people who signed leases with socio- and/or psychopaths.

The Larry David Show [HBO, 9p]
The last time Larry David had HBO follow him around for a special, he wound up with a series that would last 20 years and counting. Perhaps the secret sauce to the success of Curb Your Enthusiasm (and to a degree Seinfeld) is that the actual Larry David is much more self-effacing than the persona he puts on screen–Seth Rogan had it right mocking the fictional David last season: “you’re a nice person appearing to be an asshole so no one will like you”–and this documentary captures this, at least based on the trailer. 

The Guardians of Justice [Netflix]
There’s a new animated show with a superhero-ey title and you think I wouldn’t have something to say about it? Ha! So these days, with Invincible and The Boys, the idea of twisted superheroes isn’t so new, but with this one, the difference may just be that the heroes are at least looking for redemption… maybe? Wrestling fans, take note: Diamond Dallas Page does a voice.

Worst Roommate Ever [Netflix]
Netflix reminds us that things could be much worse, via interviews with the roommates of Jamison Bachman, Dorothea Puente, Youssef Khater, and K.C. Joy.

Grand Crew [NBC, 8:30p]
My usual pick for Tuesday nights isn’t on this week so I’m switching things up and moving on over to NBC where Nicole Byer is a comedic delight. This week the crew is leaving their neighborhood wine bar and taking a trip out to Santa Barbara! 


  • President Joe Biden gets his first chance to deliver the annual event known as the State of the Union Address. While times are certainly chaotic, there are some things he can hang his hat on (growth rate, job reports, not being a raging idiot). It will be on all the networks and news stations at 9p.
  • Netflix’s new Filipino teen drama Love is Colorblind has zero to do with the streaming service’s similarly named set of blind date reality shows, but charts the romance between two high schoolers.
  • We originally wrote out the new BritBox series Murder in Provence as “Murder in Providence” and thought what a different show that would be, but then realized, other than the views, it might not be THAT different. The real series stars Roger Allem and Marine Bonet as a judge and romantic partner, respectively, who solve cases in their home town–in which the fictional murder rate will surely be about 5x that of the real place.

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