What To Watch: 02/28/2022

Two critically acclaimed programs return and Fiona and Jason are here for it. Also, Dave Chappelle (yeah, yeah, we know) uses his Netflix contract to promote some of his heroes, starting with the beloved comedy vet with the groundshaking name.

My Brilliant Friend [HBO, 10p]
Lenù and Lila are back for another season as HBO tackles the third book in Elena Ferrante’s popular series. There is a lot of resentment and anger from the neighborhood (and Lila) towards Lenù for leaving to pursue her education. Trapped in the confines of marriage and new motherhood, Lenù is jealous of Lila’s freedom. Both chafe against their own binds, Lenù finding motherhood isolating and exhausting as Lila finds herself unwelcome in the neighborhood. I expect this season to be even more harrowing than the last as the two women enter into their adulthoods.

Better Things [FX, 10p]
Pamela Adlon’s brilliant semi-autobiographical slice-of-life show has made it to five seasons–and this one will be its last. Shows often tighten up as they plan their endgame, but this is not your ordinary show and there’s no shortage of loose ends in a life–and a group of lives–that are, as in the real world–messy.

Chappelle’s Home Team: Earthquake: Legendary [Netflix]
For a long time, I’ve thought Earthquake should have a higher profile as one of the most talented veteran standups. Maybe that will change with this new special. His observations are solid but it’s his delivery that sets him apart. Full disclosure: it is produced by Dave Chapelle, if that’s a dealbreaker. But really this comic deserves to be checked out.


  • If you put the word “ragdoll” in Google, the first image is of the floppy cat. Unfortunately, the AMC thriller Ragdoll is not about them, but about a serial killer who creates Frankenstein’s Monsters out of the parts of six corpses at a time–victims he’s notified before murdering them. Of course, our lead detectives are on our killer’s next list of six. What we’re saying is there’s a definite sense of urgency.
  • On the other end of the sinister spectrum, did you know that ABC show about the savant medical doctor was based on a South Korean series and produced by Daniel Dae Kim? Whether you did or not, the fifth season of The Good Doctor returns today with our titular character trying to shake cold feet.
  • Over on Netflix, the influx of promising imports continues. In the Korean drama Business Proposal, a woman tries to botch her friend’s blind date, but it turns out to be her own boss–and yes, it’s a drama, not a comedy. The Polish movie, My Wonderful Life charts the spiral of an unsatisfied woman and is giving off a huge Marriage Story vibe.

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