What To Watch: 02/26/2022

For a second it seemed that John Mulaney’s runaway train to becoming the first former SNL writer to join his former show’s five-timers club seemed like it may have been slowed for a bit. In late 2020, Mulaney suddenly wound up in rehab, and very soon after announcing a baby with another celebrity who was not his wife. It’s really none of our business and hardly a #metoo moment, but given that Mulaney was known as a particularly unmessy comic and used his wife in his standup routines (and publicly declared he would never have children), there was some backlash–and it wasn’t entirely unearned. Thankfully, SNL quickly brought one of its most natural and innovative hosts back with LCD Soundsystem promoting… nothing, but it should still be a fun show.

Saturday Night Live [Sat, 11:30p]
It’s safe to say John Mulaney is living his best life–baby with Olivia Munn, on recovery from addiction, and now he enters the docs timer’s club on SNL. A Mulaney-hosted SNL is more of an event than a show. So buckle up. LCD sound system provides the tunes. Oughts hipsters, are you ready?

Trayvon Martin: 10 Years Later [Smithsonian, 8p]
Trayvon Martin would be 27 years old if a certain unnamed terrible human being hadn’t decided to “defend” his “territory” against a kid in a hoodie carrying candy. And faced the consequences… of national celebrity and nothing from the judicial system thanks to racism and Stand Your Ground laws. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years and harder to stomach how little has changed outside of the occasional guilty verdict. Smithsonian looks at what led up to the tragedy and what happened in its wake. 


  • Album promotion has expanded to the extreme as the pop star behind such number one hits as “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Blinding Lights” promotes his new record The Dawn FM with a full concept series on Amazon Prime called The Weeknd x The Dawn FM Experience released, when else, the weekend! Why are we fired?
  • Well, thanks for the re-hire: we’re gonna make the most of it by straightforwardly mentioning The Hunt for the Chicago Strangler, about an ongoing case of an almost certain serial killer who has yet to be caught and was only thought of as a possibility after the discovery of over 50 murders in the same area in the same style. It’s logically on Investigation Discovery.
  • Over in the LHV (Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex), Lifetime’s new offering is in the same vein with Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez dramatizing a crime and its surprising solution. Added bonus: Ben Savage is actually in this one. In Hallmark’s Welcome to Mama’s, you’ve got the small business (a restaurant), and two pretty people who start at odds, but will they or won’t they. Do you need a spoiler alert?

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