What To Watch: 02/24/2022

Klunk klunk! Two of the longest running shows return after a break, and for one of those shows the break has been more than a decade. The original version of the police procedural that’s spawned endless spin-offs and tight fives returns to television with a few returning actors along with some high level new ones. Meanwhile, arguably the most famous medical drama–one which also has its own spinoffs and parodies–returns after the much shorter period of two months. Both shows (and one of the spinoffs) are in our recs.

Law & Order [NBC, 8p]
The iconic NBC show 30 Rock‘s Tracy Jordan called “a tentpole! A TEEEEENTPOOOOLE!” after hearing about the show’s cancelation finally gets its 21st season. Sam Waterston returns as DA McCoy and Anthony Anderson as Detective Bernard, joined by Jeffrey Donovan, Camryn Manheim, and Hugh Dancy. The reviews are tepid, but, hey, are you not going to watch?

Station 19/Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 8p/9p]
Shondaland is back after a winter hiatus that left viewers on a literal cliffhanger! We left off with Owen Hunt stuck in a car hanging off the side of a cliff. This crossover event begins with Station 19 as the team must work to rescue Owen and follows over to Grey Sloan Memorial as the doctors scramble for answers. 

Wasteland [Paramount+]
This documentary may do for waste what Gasland did for fracking–putting a possible environmental disaster in the forefront of our minds. This new documentary series on Paramount+ investigates the effect waste is having on our water supply. This is very important viewing given that as time goes on water becomes a more and more valuable commodity.

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