What To Watch: 02/22/2022

Netflix is in love with their Choose Your Own Adventure technology and the latest program to show it off is the first major one to do it outside of an already existing series–although its animated dog and cat are undeniably similar to a certain cat and mouse who have been chasing each other since the 1940s.

Cat Burglar [Netflix]
This animated series is co-created by a writer from Bojack Horseman and uses the Netflix CYOA/interactive technology that made Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend a unique television viewing experience. The twist for this Tom & Jerry style animated cat vs. dog museum heist story is that instead of suggesting the next actions, you have to answer questions correctly at certain times to ensure that your thieving cat “hero” does not encounter a Tom-like fate

Abbott Elementary [ABC, 9p]
Last week Janine faced some harsh realities about her long term relationship and Gregory experimented with his teaching style. This week Janine and Ava are teaming up to teach an after-school step class. This should be fun and chaotic! 

Superman & Lois [The CW, 8p]
John Irons hasn’t had it easy the last few episodes of one of the CW’s best DC shows. And it’s starting to get to Clark. Guilt may be enough to bring the man of steel to his knees. Meanwhile, Sarah prepares for her quinceañera. Doubtful it will go as planned. This is Smallville after all (the city, not the 2000s version of the story).


  • Bubba Wallace has become a force in NASCAR as a rising star in the community over the last decade. He has won races in all three major series. He’s an impressive figure even before you learn he’s done that as practically the only Black competitor in a predominately white sport. RACE: Bubba Wallace looks into the strength of a man who has had to deal with nonsense from a community with a large contingent of people who would still shout “heritage” while flying the Confederated Flag, and how he has not only survived, but has become a powerful and uncompromising activist for change in his sport–including having the aforementioned symbols of bigotry expelled from all events. The docu-series is on Netflix.
  • Two differently styled celebrity game shows return today. On ABC, it’s the latest version of the ancient panel-guesses-identity show, To Tell the Truth, while VH1 continues the tradition laid out by Sir Nick Cannon as two groups of familiar faces engage (for the 300th time on the season debut) in a diss-heavy rap battle Wild ‘N Out.
  • The History Channel continues its throwback month with another new program that actually discusses history. The Secret History of The Civil War uncovers yet new facts from one of the most widely discussed wars, using expert testimony and archival relics to tell the tales.

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