What To Watch: 02/16/2022

For you true crime aficionados, we start with the three-part docu-series about a man becoming more and more unhinged until he… oh, it’s just a profile of hip-hop superstar Kanye West. So we don’t know what the ultimate ending will be. We’ve also got a legendary naturalist exploring animal history on PBS and a look behind the scenes of one of the MCU’s rare movies to get a red rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy [Netflix]
Which will win the day here: my love of hip-hop or disgust with just about everything that is Kanye West? I should watch this as a slice of rap history and the buzz is that the first installment is quite good, but I’ve had it with Ye and all his dumb MAGA-nations. In any case, it’s a notable docu-series, so here we are.

Marvel Studios: Assembled–The Making of The Eternals [Disney+]
Disney+ continues it’s making of documentary series with a special focusing on The Eternals. Although the film struggled to win the hearts of fans and some critics, director Chloe Zhao does deserve credit for bringing both a huge cast and a complex background to the screen. This long-formed featurette will help show how she did it. And Kumail Nanjiani might show his workout routine. Guy is jacked now.

NOVA [PBS, 9p]
The legendary science series travels to southern England with Sir David Attenborough as he investigates a site with the remains of Ice Age mammoths and Neanderthals. We’ll learn how humans survived the climate and what their tools were like at the time.


  • From the network that gave us Dr. Pimple Popper–which, btw, returns on TLC today)–comes Stuck. The general idea is stories of people who got one thing or another stuck inside some part of their body and the stories of the brilliant (and mostly unjudging) doctors who innovate in order to remove said items.
  • As one of the residents of the Swap Shop universe preaches to someone named Pappy: “Flippin’ in 24/7! Twen-ty-four-sev-en!” If you agree, the Netflix series about bargain treasure hunters returns for a second season on Netflix today.
  • A Mexican athlete returns to her hometown in Argentina which has adopted her sport as a local passion in the new Netflix import series, Cielo Grande.
  • Three women of almost exactly the same age (apparently) consider their lives as they are each about to turn 40, which gives us the title of the Korean Netflix import Thirty-Nine.

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