What To Watch: 02/14/2022

There’s not a ton of new stuff–it’s both February and a Monday, but what’s new is top heavy, including the surprise return of a critically acclaimed series on Sundance and the latest special from a rising star of standup.

State of the Union [Sundance, 10p]
Nick Hornby and Stephen Frears, the writer-director team that gave us High Fidelity as well as the first season of this series, return with a new couple and its an exciting pair in Brendan Gleeson and Patricia Clarkson. The concept of this series remains the same–a married couple having a short drinks meeting before going to counseling–but the action moves from a British pub to a Connecticut coffeehouse.

Ali Wong: Don Wong [Netflix]
Feeling cynical this Valentines Day? Ali Wong will help you deal. Her new special lands on Netflix today. Expect more of the dirty honesty and unflinching humor that we’ve come to expect. Also it was recorded in New Jersey so you know… there’s that. Love may hurt but Ali Wong can be a little armor.


  • Netflix has a pair of new imports, both befitting the month and day it is. Devotion, A Story of Love and Desire is a new Italian series about a couple who are so very much in love… so much so, they start to doubt it tremendously. Japan’s Fishbowl Wives features spouses who start at doubt and move to what its press calls “crossing the line.” They’re not specific, but we’re pretty sure they mean having affairs.
  • If you work nights, and are taking a sick day but feel nostalgically sad for the days that meant distracting yourself with daytime pricing games, you’re in luck (well, other than being sick). We shall have Plinko after dark once more! Drew Carey hosts another primetime chapter of The Price is Right at Night, as always, on CBS.
  • After a just terrible week for its aldermen, The Gilded Age (aka Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey: Part Deux) continues to weave its many tales on HBO.
  • If you missed Twenties the first time around on BET, it’s being run again on the larger format of Showtime. It’s written by Lena Waithe, has a 93% Rotten Tomatoes rating, and has a cast including a superstar rapper, two ex-NBA all-stars and Vanessa Williams. Did you know she married a dentist from Buffalo? How many times can I fit in that factoid. Is an Ugly Betty reboot happening soon? Gosh, we hope so!

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