What To Watch: 02/12/2022

No, Saturday Night Live is not back (that returns in two weeks with John Mulaney becoming the first former writer to join the five-timers club), but it’s a fairly busy Saturday–and very little of it has to do with that big game they are playing in Los Angeles tomorrow night. We’ve got a mish mosh of Korean dramas, Lifetime-esque movies, cute puppies, a nonagenarian international treasure who’s still out there giving soundtrack to the lives of animals, and a very serious look into the many ways a segment of the American population is treated differently.

Profiled: The Black Man [Discovery+]
Given this docu-series is on Discovery, at first I feared by the title this would be the worst accidental othering ever. Maybe this is my own racism manifesting itself in a perhaps well-meaning, but still significant manner. That’s part of the point and the title plays off the idea that to be a Black man is to be constantly defined by others. This stark series interviews a collection of prominent Black men (and women) to look into the ways the community is the ultimate other–and how that leads to constant fear, wrongful accusations and convictions, and way too often, early death.

Attenborough’s Global Adventure [BBC America, 8p]
David Attenborough takes on a journey through the history of life on earth. From the dawn of life in sea beds to today you will get an entertaining and concise history lesson. While it’s “Global Adventure” is in its title, it’s also a journey through time. David Attenborough’s efforts in conservation and environmental education are needed now more than ever.


  • While you might not guess it by its name, The Cabins, and its location on Discovery+, this show is yet another entry in the genre let’s throw some attractive singles together in an odd location and see what happens. Will sparks fly or tempers rise as “six thirsty singles” (their words, not ours) move into a rustic log cabin in the woods? Will they… sigh…
  • Discovery+ also previews its entry into the superb owl adventures with Puppy Bowl Presents: Puppy Mania–the title is pretty self-explanatory. What happened to Kitten Bowl you may ask? We don’t wanna talk about it… well Jason does, but he’ll get to that tomorrow.
  • Speaking of cats, or at least men who dressed like them: they wanted to rock and roll all nite, party every day, were made for loving you, whether you were Beth or some sort of hard luck woman. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were known as the leaders of one of the roughest, toughest, rockingest bands to ever sport make up in the 1970s, but would you believe the song that’s tied with “Beth” for their highest charting hit was written by Michael Bolton. The Reelz documentary KISS Frontmen: Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley will likely gloss over that factoid.
  • Netflix has a pair of K-dramas ready to roll. Twenty-Five Twenty-One averages the pair and tells us about twenty-three of the years in the romance of the quirky pair of Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin over the course of its first (and maybe more) season(s). Meanwhile, Forecasting Love and Weather is a comic look at the complex love geometry of the folks at the Korean Meteorological Administration because… why not?
  • The Super Bowl Gospel Celebration flips from BET to Bounce this year for its 23rd annual collection of pre-football genuflecting to the lord–musical style.
  • Tonight’s Lifetime-Hallmark Vortex representative sounds like a lot of fun! It’s a mystery as four friends who bonded as sorority sisters attend their reunion, but are haunted by the unsolved murder of the dean of pledges 15 years hence. Line Sisters is on Lifetime.

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