What To Watch: 02/10/2022

It’s a big day for HBO Max thrillers as we have a pair of them featuring great casts and pedigrees. Also 55 years and a famous SNL rant by its original show’s lead have not slowed down the Star Trek franchise from going where others have never gone before–although this particular franchise is returning for the second half of its fourth season.

Kimi [HBO Max]
Set in Seattle during the ceaseless pandemic we’ve accepted as “normal,” Zoë Kravitz stars as a blue-haired tech agoraphobic tech worker. She is forced to leave her apartment in the pursuit of justice after witnessing a crime, which her superiors refuse to solve. This thriller is directed by Steven Soderbergh.

The Girl Before [HBO Max]
Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays a woman who can’t believe her real estate luck when a talented architect agrees to rent her one of his grandest creations. However, he has a strict set of rules–ones which ended poorly for the previous tenant, who–to amp up the creepiness level–looked eerily just like her. The reviews are tepid but not terrible, but even if the film turns out uninspiring, there should be some great performances from a solid cast, and it could be fun to gawk at the house.

Star Trek: Discovery [Paramount+]
After a brief hiatus, this spinoff’s 4th season returns today. Captain Burnham tracks Book to an old hangout from her days as a courier. Soon a high stakes competition arises. The prize? A powerful weapon…

Single Drunk Female [Freeform, 10:30p]
This week Sam explores hook up culture as a sober person. It is awkward! 


  • It’s been five years since the last time we saw the antics of Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, JB Smoove, and the rest of his crew of celebrities on the Real Housewives parody, Real Husbands of Hollywood. We’re guessing not much has changed, so if you liked it then, check out BET+ for season six.
  • After an accident at a creepy school, a student becomes a vampire and has to learn all that that entails in the dark and noirish Shudder flick All the Moons.
  • There’s a pair of new imports on Netflix. From Poland, there’s the nautical romance Into the Wind. Also on the romantic tip, there’s the new Portuguese series Til Life Do Us Part, about three generations of one family.
  • Not a new twist on the 1986 rom-com (or 2014 remake), HBO Max’s About Last Night is more like a celebrity version of The Newlywed Game mixed with, let’s say, Basketball Wives and we’ll say that as it is hosted by Ayanna Curry with her husband NBA legend Steph Curry, as they sit with other famous people on fancy couches, sip wine, and answer questions (apparently for points) about the romantic and sexual quirks of their relationships. The producers are probably hoping we’ll say “awww, they’re just like us.” They really aren’t. It’s on HBO Max.
  • Remember that indie flick The Red Violin where multiple stories were weaved through the framework of the titular object? Adventure of the Ring, from Taiwan, has a somewhat similar structure, but in two ways, as all the action is set off by a lost engagement ring, while each episode takes place in a different Taipei subway station. It’s also on HBO Max.
  • We’d love to believe that UP’s Bringing Up Bates were a Downton Abbey babies situation, but, no, it’s a reality show about a large family that’s somehow going into its ninth season today.

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