What To Watch: 02/09/2022

As we’re just four days from that Big Game–featuring the most exquisite nocturnal waterfowl in the country, we presume–so what better day for us to, as one of our Scholars would say “talk nerdy.” We’ve got the season finale of that show which features pretty much every Star Wars-obsessive’s fave bounty hunter, new episodes of the medieval series from Matt Groening, and we’re recommending a Marvel making-of, the latest episode of the premier science show, and yet more animated political nerdery from Stephen Colbert. There’s even something for K-Pop stans as a new Netflix scripted show has a Blackpink connection.

Fairview [Comedy Central, 8:30p]
Colbert’s latest animated political comedy amps up the vulgar to Veep levels while shrinking the political sphere to Parks & Recreation size. A resident of the titular town navigates her new powers as mayor while navigating around the ghosts of her former outsized reputation as the town’s foremost party girl. It could go either way, really, but that the voice cast includes SNL‘s James Austin Johnson and Scholars favorite Aparna Nancherla ups my expectations a bit.

Marvel Studios: Assembled–The Making of Hawkeye [Disney+]
Wanna know some behind the scenes secrets about Hawkeye? Well Disney+ happens to have an hour long making of documentary that is perfect. Personally I’m really looking forward to learning more about that awesome Rogers the Musical sequence. And it’s really hard not to love Hailee Steinfeld and Alaqua Cox. And don’t even get me started on Florence Pugh. (Won’t somebody get me started???)

NOVA [PBS, 9p]
Tonight’s episode is called “Secrets In The Scat” and it’s all about poop. What can we learn about the natural world through wombat droppings and whale excrement? Beats me, but I can’t wait to get grossed out and learn more.


  • The Book of Boba Fett has been all that and a bag of Luke Skywalker… and Baby Yoda… and that’s not to mention the fulfillment of a Patton Oswalt fever dream filibuster from Parks & Recreation). Its first season ends today on a geeky boom on Disney+.
  • Netfix goes down to South Africa to showcase six up-and-coming standups for its newest anthology special Only Jokes Allowed.
  • K-pop girl group Blackpink member Jissoo gets to show off her acting chops in the South Korean romantic drama Snowdrop.
  • A lot of the action is on Netflix as Princess Bean and her buddies–an emo elf and a wisecracking shadow of evil–return for more shenanegans in her fairytale land of Disenchantment. The Matt Groening creation has been polarizing, but at its best it can be some very clever comedy.
  • It’s a funny thing that even as crime (including creepy serial killer crime) is down overall in the last half century or so, we are in a golden age for true crime programming. All that is just to say Netflix is unveiling a new season of Catching Killers. Oddly enough, we don’t seem to want to watch shows about mass shootings. Hmmm.
  • Is it Shark Tank? Is it The Price is Right? As we don’t speak Portuguese, it was hard at first to tell what was happening the new Brazilian Netflix import The Big Shot Game Show. People were pitching product ideas, but they also seemed to be competing in games of skill and challenges of strength. Even after digging deeper, it’s hard to tell, but we’re guessing it’s closer to Shark Tank.

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