What To Watch: 02/08/2022

It’s five days before the Big Game[TM] whose name we can’t say. Well, we’re small time enough that the NFL would not really care and we’re not doing business with it, but it’s still fun to dance around the name of that most superb of owls. For non-sports fans (and for even many football fans who follow non-Bengal, non-Ram teams), the fun is between the plays as products roll out their premier promotions. Tonight, CBS looks back at some of the best of all time. We’re also recommending a new episode of one of the best new sitcoms of 2022 and a documentary about this nation’s original sin–a policy that ended a lot more recently than we usually comprehend.

Super Bowl Greatest Commercials: All-Time Classics [CBS, 8p]
What are your favorite Super Bowl commercials? That 1984 Apple dystopian nightmare? Cindy Crawford selling Pepsi? Kendal Jenner… also selling Pepsi in the most tone deaf way possible? Chances are they will be talked about in the Super Bowl Greatest Commercials special airing on CBS tonight. Hosted by Boomer Esiason and Daniela Ruah, all the classic commercials will get a mention. This will be a nice trip down memory lane and a way to excited for Sunday’s big game.

Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship [Hulu/Disney+]
This award-winning documentary examines the Clotida, a two-master schooner that scuddled into Mobile Bay, Alabama, after bringing over 100 enslaved people from Africa in 1860, at which time the heinous practice had been banished. Thirty-two people about Clotilda founded Africatown after the Civil War; the ship was exhumed from the river in 2018 and largely intact.

Abbott Elementary [ABC, 9p]
Looks like it’s my turn to talk about the best new sitcom on TV (that’s already renewed for its second season). Quinta Brunson has created a compelling and human vision of a bedraggled but surviving inner-city Philly grade school, drawing comedy from its well-drawn cast of teachers, administrators, and kids, without it being at their expense (well, save for its vain and clueless principal played by standup Janelle James). In today’s episode Brunson’s Janelle is excited to have her friend join her as the art teacher, but you can probably guess it won’t end well. But you can count on it to be both funny and genuinely heartwarming.


  • Over her two decades in the comic game, Patricia Williams, better known as Ms. Pat, has built a bit of a legend as a comic’s comic, a brash storyteller who draws from both classic observational style and her darker history of abuse and of her life as a crack dealer in 1980s & ’90s Atlanta. Her debut Netflix special is Ms. Pat: Y’all Wanna Hear Something Crazy and it debuts today.
  • Dating shows… sigh! They can be entertaining, but they can also make you feel existentially down about human nature. The Netflix love-in-adjoining-pods series Love is Blind is not one of the most life-affirming, as much as it aspires to be, but it can be entertaining. For the latest iteration, we go overseas to Japan [insert hentai joke here] for Love is Blind Japan.
  • Jeopardy! stages its first college competition in the post-Trebek hellscape of problematic hosts. Miayim Balik is the vaguely anti-vaxx answer-questioner they landed upon. Jeopardy! National College Championship is on ABC all week.

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