What To Watch: 02/04/2022

As Streaming Fridays go, it’s a relatively quiet night, but there’s still some cool new stuff and one really funny show that got pushed back to yesterday but we loved it so much we’re gonna promote it in our rec’s a second time.

Reacher [Amazon Prime]
Lee Child’s greatest literary creation, Jack Reacher gets the adaption it deserves on Amazon Prime. Fans of the books never felt that Tom cruise embodies the physical imposing nature of the Jack Reacher character. That won’t be a problem with Alan Ritchson. He’s big and believable in the role. Also they are starting with the first book so they have plenty of books to cover if it gets more seasons. If you have ever been to an airport bookstore you know there are PLENTY of Reacher books out there.

Phat Tuesdays [Amazon Prime]
In the 1990s, the legendary L.A. standup joint The Comedy Store hosted a weekly showcase for African American comedians organized by Guy Torey–one that helped launch the careers of Dave Chappelle, Tiffany Haddish, Cedric the Entertainer, Craig Robinson, JB Smoove, and so many others. In this three-part series, Reginald Hudlin (who directed one of the most underrated films of that decade in 1992’s Boomerang) examines the significance of the promotion and the chance it gave a sometimes marginalized segment of the comedy world. 

Murderville [Netflix]
Will Arnett stars as Senior Detective Terry Seattle in this comedy/satire. Not only does he live in a town besieged by murder, his guest stars arrive without a script and have to improvise along the way. Murder isn’t fun, it’s heinous, but this doesn’t sound so bad. Arnett’s guest stars include Annie Murphy, Conan O’Brien, Ken Jeong, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch, and Sharon Stone.


  • A young man is kidnapped and four suspects living ordinary lives are arrested. The four targets band together to prove their innocence in the new British thriller Suspicion. Arriving on Apple TV today, it boasts a stellar cast including Uma Thurman and Kumal Nayyar, but so far rather tepid reviews.
  • China, controversially, is the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics Games, and while their human rights record is terrible, they do put together one hell of an Opening Ceremony, which is what happens tonight, airing on NBC.
  • Sweet Magnolias, as its title makes clear in just two words, is a genteel romantic drama about three South Carolina women and best friends. The Netflix series drops its second season tonight.
  • There’s a lot of rommin’ and commin’ on the air tonight, and nowhere more rommy and commy than on the new Netflix movie Book of Love on Amazon Prime. A stuffy British writer is a bit stunned when his latest novel becomes a huge hit in Mexico. Upon travelling there, he finds out that the translator added a ton of erotic extras. Will they fall in love? Is [insert a familiar figure or idea] [insert an obvious and unquestionabe quality].
  • There’s more erotic roms to the com in the new Netflix Spanish import Through My Window about multiple couples coming together.
  • Gotta hand it to the Lifetime movie naming department because whatever you think of the films themselves, they have some of the most amazing monickers and tonight’s new movie is no exception with The Wrong High School Sweetheart. It’s the 136th Lifetime movie (we’re guessing) starring Viveca A. Fox.

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